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  1. Re: The Politics Thread R.I.P NHS you will be missed
  2. Re: The Politics Thread I dont even think singing my heart out to Backstreet Boys could cheer me up after this.
  3. Re: The Politics Thread
  4. Re: The Politics Thread It's gonna take an Istanbul type comeback from Conservatives here
  5. Re: The Politics Thread
  6. Re: The Politics Thread Good rumours that Farage might be coming third in his constituency. Hope he resigns like he promised.
  7. Re: The Politics Thread
  8. Re: The Politics Thread
  9. Re: The Politics Thread Was always a safe Labour seat
  10. Re: The Politics Thread Why has this never been a policy
  11. Re: The Politics Thread
  12. Re: The Politics Thread I dont read the papers thankyou very much. But if you're on the same side as The Sun and Katie Hopkins then you're probably on the wrong side. But Conservatives plan of getting out of it completely batters the already battered lower class. And as a student I'll be gutted to see those toffs get another 5 years, can't wait to finish uni with 40 grand of debt.
  13. Re: The Politics Thread
  14. Re: The Politics Thread Conservatives winning the exit poll pretty convincingly absolute disaster if they gain a majority.
  15. Re: The Politics Thread This doesn't surprise me when you come from a family of Chelsea supporters.
  16. Re: The Politics Thread The sun's anti labour front pages are absolutely disgusting, obviously not surprising coming from the most low life paper going. Just hope that people aren't easily swayed by Murdochs propaganda and come to their own decision.
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Missing out on a player who was a main target to a premier league rival after we publicly courted him is just very unsurprising. Whether a risk or not it really shows the position of the club that we can't compete or complete signings of players we are publicly after. We were just named the 8th most valuable club in the world. Can't wait to miss out on Depay and Benteke and sign Milner and Ings.
  18. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Fantastic signing from you lot, player with plenty of potential. Do you think this means the end of Nani or is there still room for him?
  19. Re: Official Liverpool Thread United signing Depay after we held talks two weeks ago, shock horror
  20. Re: Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread Interesting read on Adebayors Facebook, if true it really does explain why his time at Spurs has been such a disaster.
  21. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Brad Jones 'furious' with Liverpool after doing a U-turn on his contract, he'll be leaving the club in the summer. Let us be honest he's been very lucky to have lasted this long. Edit; Couple of interesting things being discussed on Koptalk, I know Duncan has sources from Brad Jones camp and confirmed his start against Manchester United a week before. He says Brad Jones camp believe that Liverpool have approached Petr Cech but can't confirm anything. Though Rodgers has noted he highly rates Danny Ward.
  22. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Hahaha an Arsenal fan and a United fan criticising Liverpool fans for having a sense of entitlement, your own sets of fans are just as bad if not worse, especially in the case of United fans last season and this season.
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