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  1. Arsenal They have the strength and unlike chelsea wont be affected by the african nation cups, Toga didn't qualify leaving Abedayor at the Emirates, They are leading at the moment. Chelsea Will be affected massivley at the loss of some of their main players, it will be Ballack and Shevchenko who will have to step up as they havent shown any improvement as of late. Liverpool Not been preforming very well lately to the fact of Rafa's Rotations, they will need spend spend spend to get quality like the big 3 have. They are an incompetent team and Rafa needs to find out the best line up and keep it. Manchester United Deffienetly the favourites under the management of Sir Alex Ferguson he has great strength in numbers add prove week in week out they can do the buissness. Manchester City You may find me crazy saying this but Manchester City have proved themselves as a good team and as well as there rivals they can do the buisenss as well, but a small squad could prove to be fateful nearing the climax of the season. Everton Again not a team anybody thinks could win but maybe they could shock us all they can win matches they prove that, 2 points off mersyside rivals Liverpool show the quality the team has.
  2. Was it a good idea to make this transfer ; I am chelsea John Terry Rt 97 For Marquez Rt 94 Zambrotta Rt 95 15 million I thought Terry was going down he aint done much yet but is marquez and zambrotta going down?
  3. Re: contracts thats wat i thought i dont matter u'll get used to it
  4. Re: contracts Yu cant renew a new player thats just been sghned yu can a bit later maybe near the end of the season
  5. Can we put BURY back in the English Championship, and maybe add another league for the teams that get the boot and conference teams. I WANT BURY BACK
  6. Re: Advice on Tactics please Play yur Tempo slow saves yu losing yur best players cos they get tired
  7. Re: The German Bundesliga - Have a look and join Can i get Borussia Mochendblach
  8. New teams, massive squads i'm sick of renewing contracts there should be a way to sort out youths quicker and renew contracts all at the same time it is very time consuming anybody agree?
  9. Re: Is It Just Me.... I dont think the problem is benitez he has the star quality he needs the chairmans backup the owners just arent helping him
  10. Re: Is It Just Me.... THanks Get People to keep posting
  11. Re: Is It Just Me.... I'm not i had another account but i forgot the password so...
  12. Re: Is It Just Me.... I know sos bout that i was gonna talk bout my setup but i felt this was more important
  13. Re: Country Delegation Derby Sounds Ace Could Yu Password it so we could get decent teams i'm sick of being stuck with crap sides while new managers get the best
  14. ....Or is anyone getting sick of the imcompetence of Liverpool they perform in Europe but when it comes to England there crap, i'm getting sick of turning on Sky sports finding liverpool not at there best what happened to the high scoring victories that we've seen this year, Marseille, Besikstas there better than Wigan, Liverpool need a MASSIVE rebuilding of there team the only half decent players in the team is Torres and Gerrard and there not at there best, and i'm sure i'm not the only Liverpool fan who is going home angered that the can only get a point against teams that shouldn't even be in the Premier league, i'm dreadding to think what will happen at Luton the draw at Wigan could be a match that ends hopes of the Premier league win we want, how long will we have to wait till we get what we deserve? Pls add to this..
  15. Manager Of The Season, The First season just ended and managers deserve there award, i'm sorry i'm not being big headed but i want to put myself up as i got Bayern Munich 2nd To Bottom with 12 games left i moved them up 3 places with 22 points with some wins over big teams. Next Division 1 winner Sasa Vuk managed to win the title he managed them the whole season and got the points to take him to the top. Jack Poldy gets promotion for the German Side of FC Shalke 04 If you deserve manager of the league in WC 855 join this thread and tell me or if you want to nominate anyone for this pride possesion join this thread Give Manager Team and reason why this should be MOTS
  16. Re: Most Hated Team & Player on SM I Hate Manchester United The Most Stuck Up Team In The World I Hate Joey Barton He Keeps Giving Football A Bad Name
  17. Re: Thats Numberwang! Rangers Is Taken
  18. Re: Thats Numberwang! Come on people does anyone want a team!!
  19. My setup still has places left anybody want the following teams: - New England Reveloution - Chivas USA - Chicago Fire - Houston Dynamo - Rangers - Hearts - America - Benfica The clubs are untouched due to my no buying from Un-Managed clubs this is an intresting league as i have Halifax Town and Bury in Division 1 its quite competetive, but the leagues are country related so these teams arent yet with the big boys pls pls join....Good Luck.
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