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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I find it simply incredible how we just simply gave up having a run for the Top 4 in these last few performances. Uniteds results have made this an even more frustrating end to the season. Had we got the result at West Brom and Hull we'd be 4th now.
  2. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Massive massive win for Sunderland, could really see Newcastle going down now.
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Might be the last Gerrard goal we ever see as a Liverpool player
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Probably missed on purpose like he did that time to get Hodgson sacked.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread The one thing he was competent at doing now and he can't even do that anymore
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I've changed my mind, I would love to get 50 million for Sterling Classic Liverpool with 4 great chances and then we concede instead
  7. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Well if Sunderland can get the three points today I'd say Newcastle would be favourites for the drop, incredible how a team with the talent they have can go on a run this poor in the top flight.
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Tony Barrett has confirmed that Jon Flanagan is out for a further 9 months after knee surgery. Poor guy
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Balotelli was £12 million with an added £4 million. To be fair for the price I thought we'd done a good deal, we'll probably recoup about 80 percent of that due to his age and reputation in Italy selling him back to an Italian club.
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread With all this talk about the money we've spent and how we should have won the league, in the past 5 years we are actually 4th for net spend, behind United, Chelsea and City and by a long margin, and in the past 5 years those 3 have shared the title. The team in 5th is Aston Villa. We are roundabouts where we should be in terms of money spent. Incredible how many can compare Liverpool and Uniteds transfer spending this season, yes we both spent an incredible amount but only one of us re-couped most of that money by selling, we've only spent 38 million this season net, with that you can't really expect to be challenging for the title again, especially when the team who are 1 place ahead us spent almost triple the amount and can't crack the top two.
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Utterly disgusting, no excuse for that, Rodgers does not deserve another season.
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread These players could literally give no craps about this match, can see it on their faces and the pace of this game.
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Can't wait for another season of this......
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Can being rinsed in that full back position, don't understand Rodgers decision to carry on playing him there.
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Wow how incredibly annoying that United result is after we failed to win, if the players had actually cared we could have been within two points knowing they still had to play Arsenal.
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread One up point of this season, the massively criticised Mignolet is joint top of the Golden Gloves table with Forster who is out for the season. Incredible turn around for him if he manages to win it.
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread We are absolutely tragic, if there is one thing above all that annoys me most about Rodgers its his lack of Plan B when teams sit back.
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Not turning this into a Rodgers out debate, but where is this improvement? We've had one excellent season under Rodgers and it'd be very generous to give him massive credit for it, we had the 3rd best player in the world at his absolute peak and by a stroke of luck found a partnership of him and Sturridge. Other players were given it their all and you can see just how much last season took out of our usual talisman Gerrard, and while the players can only take us so far we lost that league last season to tactical blunders in big games from Rodgers ie Playing for the win against Chelsea when we needed a draw, trying to go all out against Palace and not closing the game. Yes Rodgers set up the team but come on how much work did he have to do? we had a small squad that practically picked itself. Rodgers is a young manager who's learning, his Plan B will most likely come with time and his big game experience should be improving, but Liverpool aren't a club that should be a proving ground for him, we shouldn't be his trial and error. To say the football has improved upon Rafa and Dalglish is also opinion based more than anything else, Rafa while incredibly boring at times knew how to close games out (especially in Europe), Dalglish actually played quite entertaining football. Yes we were on a great run but again we've faltered in big games and simply put after 3 seasons it isn't good enough, he gets tactically outwitted so often, the manner of the defeats is what's worse, i've never seen such a spineless performance than what i've seen against United, Arsenal and Villa recently. As for this again 'obvious improvement', the squad is filled with more deadwood right now than what Dalglish left us with and most of Rodgers top players have been Dalglish signings. This is the same Rodgers who tried to swap Henderson for Dempsey and you lot trust his decision making? The wage bill has reduced but simply put if you want to compete it's going to grow, speculate to accumulate and due to our nature of trying to get cheap wages we are growing worse as a team and it won't be long till players jump ship looking for someone who will pay the wages, the cost of reducing the wage bill is that Rodgers has gutted the dressing room of real leaders and living legends of the club. I'm not saying I want him out as I don't think Klopp would do much better but the way some of you lot back Rodgers to the death is crazy for a manager who has proved nothing here.
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