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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Well this could officially be the worst season since Hodgson 2010/11 - Hodgson/Dalglish - 6th 2011/12 - Dalglish - 8th /Carling Cup Won/ FA Cup Final 2012/13 - Rodgers - 7th 2013/14 - Rodgers - 2nd If we finish 7th (Very very possible) then it is the joint worst season we've had since Hodgson, joint bottom with Rodgers first season. I don't think i'm being too dramatic at all, i'm actually being very realistic. On the Lucas point i'm not saying Lucas's injury caused the season to be a disaster, but the season being acceptable and being a disaster hinged on winning the FA Cup, i'd have expected us to be in the final had Lucas been fit. Rodgers hasn't achieved anything to be getting the kind of protection he receives off a lot of people. Not that I want him gone, but something has to change.
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread How could Falcao possibly flourish in our system? You need pace and energy to be upfront in this system Falcao of which has neither, Falcao used to be top class but it's difficult to come back from the injury he had and simply he isn't what he used to be, and for the ridiculous wages and fee it can be invested much better. United took the risk and it didn't pay off, we'd be stupid to do the same. Also this obsession with selling Lucas is something I don't understand, been one of our best players this season, had he been fit I'd be guessing we'd be in a final right now. And how could this have been a good season, it was Top 4 or a trophy this season both of which we didn't achieve, our football has gone backwards and the dressing rooms in a bit of turmoil. As seasons go it's been the worst under Rodgers and the worst since Hodgson.
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I won't go to far into Rodgers as people know my overall opinion and I want to avoid being called a hater. But I have serious worries over the way he sets teams up. Big games have and will forever be a big problem, Chelsea last season, United both times this season, Chelsea in the Cup, the whole Champions League run and now Villa. The team is lacking any grit and that includes our captain right now, players could not give a c rap about the match and it was plainly obvious as they strolled around the pitch, dare I say Balotelli was one of our best players when he came on and was dreadfully unlucky to have his goal chalked off by an incredibly poor decision. Coutinho is the only player I'd thoroughly believe can win us a game when we need him to as he's proved this season on the big occasions. Rodgers doesn't have a set style of play he uses one tactic till its found out and moves onto another, last season was a fluke plain and simple, so many teams in transition and we had the third best player in the world playing at the top of his game, we only played to out score opponents, it's taken Rodgers almost three seasons to learn how to shut opponents out and when it matters most he can't do it. We all know how poor the recruitment has been under Rodgers bar two players, Coutinho and Sturridge. The problem doesn't solely lie with Rodgers, FSG have to take part of the blame, they came in with the whole moneyball technique, we are Liverpool, whether 5th or 2nd we are a huge club and simply we should be aiming a lot higher in the transfer market and we should not be moneyballing, we should be a destination not a stop on the way to something else. The whole club needs a rethink, Rodgers reign has been average at best, the club is in a worse position than where Kenny left it. Whether that's Rodgers departing or the squad rebuilding or hopefully the sacking of Ayre and the committee then so be it. I know people may think I'm being dramatic but I don't think Rodgers has done as much good as people believe and him trying to win the dressing room by gutting our personalities out of it has left this club in a horrible position. On player performances I am all for Gerrards last hurrah but his deterioration since his slip has been borderline depressing, he was a passenger all game. Sterling yet again can't produce when needed, I wouldn't be disappointed to see him leave he has no passion for the club. Lolvren is an incredible joke, I'm still steaming at his shot in the final minute what would honestly posses you? Don't think there was many good or even decent performances bar Coutinho and to an extent Mario. Hope they use the last few games to get some youngsters some game time as we have many talents coming through, other than that I hope they don't kid themselves that Top 4 is available, season is done.
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Teams full of bottlers, no big game players in that whole team, yet again in a big match our tactics were all wrong. Dissapointing end to a horrible season, questions need to be asked on recruitment as this team needs rebuilding, is Rodgers the man we should give the money to? Not too sure myself our record in massive games is horrible under Rodgers, the spirit isn't there the personalities arent there, it's something we lost after Rafa and Kennys departures. I can take losing but when players just obviously don't care that's what I can't accept.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Gerrard put into defensive midfield and the games completely changed for the worst. Villa absolutely battering us.
  6. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Van Gaal saying he might be playing Rooney in the midfield role because of Blind and Carricks injuries. Personally think that would be disastrous for you while all the praise has come to Young and Blind, I think Rooney going upfront has changed your fortunes massively in recent games. Plus if Rooney drops deep then you're forced to play RVP or Falcao upfront.
  7. Re: Official Manchester City Thread It'd be interesting to see if those plans change if Liverpool managed to pip City to 4th. I highly doubt Pellegrini will be at City next year it's not as if they will admit interest in Klopp while Pelle is still in charge, the season not being over and City having to focus on a Top 4 finish.
  8. Re: Official Manchester City Thread I think Klopps perfect for City, Guardiola is a partial risk knowing that City need some major freshening up, Klopps had experience taking teams needing an overhaul. I think it's hard to judge Klopp on this season as managers get to a point after being at a club for a fair amount of time where it becomes stale and they need a fresh challenge. Plus I think long term Klopp is the perfect manager to take advantage of your much improved youth recruitment and facilities. Apparently he wants some time out but as we saw with Guardiola it won't last long, if City come calling he'll move for sure. I wouldn't be surprised if you took Benitez for a season before going for Klopp.
  9. Re: The Politics Thread Pretty obvious they're aiming at a younger demographic who won't realise the economic constraints the majority of the manifesto would encounter, though I love the idea of scraping tuition fees and loans it's not financially viable especially scrapping loans, it's far more realistic to lower the tuition like labour want to. They can say whatever they want though they're at best a protest vote, their manifesto is idealistic and their leadership is weak.
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Shisha pipes aren't even a big deal loads of footballers smoke, as long as they can run without getting out of breath i'm not fussed. As for laughing gas he only has to rewatch his sitter from yesterday to get the same effect. All to be expected it's a young lad with a lot of pressure on his shoulders who just wants to enjoy being young, it's when they get a bit older and they still do it, that's when it needs stamping out.
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3037658/Manchester-City-fans-taunt-United-rivals-sick-song-Munich.html#v-4170901284001
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Sickening tackle, should have been a straight red. And Sterling, barn door
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Sterling can't hit a barn door
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Should be out of sight but classic Liverpool we've sat back and let Newcastle get back into this game.
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I'm positive Lee Mason is the worst ref going up there with Taylor, absolute stonewall penalty for Newcastle.
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Well Lucas for sure
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I said this on purpose.....
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Sterling couldn't hit a barn door and he's upfront.
  19. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Our line-up is terrible, only good part is seeing Ibe back. Not expecting us to score tonight.
  20. Re: Official Liverpool Thread We'd have to be near perfect or at least unbeaten in the last 7 to even make City sweat, I don't think our players will push for it knowing we have a trip to Wembley next week and a chance of a cup. I seem to remember a similar situation under Kenny when we had the chance of Top 4 but had an FA Cup Semi-Final/Final to look forward to and we completely took our foot off the gas in the league.
  21. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Even though us getting 4th is very unrealistic, with the form City are on we have a much better chance of catching them than if United had lost. But end of the day I can't see us getting 4th at all.
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