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  1. Most likely to get +1s between Eriksen, Sterling, Stones, and Mane?
  2. Who out of Jorginho, Martial, and Witsel are most likely to rise?
  3. Been scoring a bunch for a poor Groningen side. Due for a move in the summer for sure.
  4. I know this is the wrong place in the forum to post this, but the GW I'm in is starting to lose managers. We are looking for people to fill in who want a huge challenge. Economy is pretty low, and the strategy of buying risers and prospects has shown the most success so far. Squad cap is moving down to 50 at the end of the season to even out the leagues too so think of it as a fresh start. Come check it out! GW ID: 361635
  5. Jorginho Thauvin Arias Meunier Correa Saul Sterling Odds each gets a +1? I've seen people go back and forth in the forum... I personally think all except Thauvin.
  6. Predictions change all the time. For example I would argue Naby Keita was in line for a +1 before his injury. No one is being forced to share their opinions.
  7. +1s for all in the winter?: Saul Goretzka Rabiot Naby Keita Asensio Bernardo Silva Sterling Kimmich Zielinski Rodrigo Moreno
  8. As an American, I'd say his technical skills are lacking slightly, but his stamina and athleticism are world class. He stands out in the MLS, but I'd say he'd be more of a project for whatever European team takes him. He's been heavily linked to Leipzig recently, and it'd make sense for him to move with the Red Bulls being a sister club. There's been talks of him being converted to a full back if he were to move, so we'll have to see. I'm expecting him to go within the year though and he's definitely an intriguing prospect
  9. GW ID: 361635 is the best GW I've ever been in.Super competitive and only 8 of the 80 teams are unmanaged currently!
  10. Anyone know anything about all those 16 year old Croatian kids that got added?
  11. Oh no I said that because you didn't have him down for a +1 on your predictions
  12. Been offered David Silva+Kovacic for Cavani. Seems like a good deal?
  13. Seriously can SM go any slower? What's going on seriously? They did a couple of the mid-European leagues in a few days doing 3 teams at a time, why have they slowed down so much for the big leagues? Germany took way too long..
  14. I would go with Pellegrini or Diawara. Pellegrini has been linkedin with some big teams this summer.
  15. Filho Paulinho of Vasco apparently. Good move if true! - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5664213/Bayer-Leverkusen-beat-Manchester-City-Paulinho-Vasco-da-Gama.html
  16. Are we thinking Scandinavian league reviews after Russia? Sweden and Norway?
  17. Oh man, I thought I've seen you say that Areola was a lock for 90. I was thinking about getting him in exchange for Karius
  18. Any ideas on which league is being reviewed after MLS? And are there any rumours about Areola transferring clubs in the Summer? Seems like PSG is in the market for a keeper
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