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  1. Re: What is the best formation for my team, testing all formations
  2. Hey can any one help me? This is my starting eleven ----------------GK (75)---------------- RB(72)---cb(74)----CB(72)----LB(75) RM(72)----DM(86)---CM(86)---LM(70) -------CF(89)-----CF(72) Subs:CM(77), FWD(72), CB(70), CM (70), DM(70),CB(70), Wing(70) What formation do you guys reckon I should use? I got an Average rating on 77 Thanks a lot, help will be appericated I would like the Team Player instructions and playing style and player instructions thanks!! If you could possibly, could you give me a Home and away formation, if i'm strecthing it's cool you don't need to answer.
  3. Re: 60-80 rated risers Guys do you know of any 10k risers possibly? I got Hyde (worst squad in the league and boguth a load of yougnster, like 16 infact for 1.8m and now i got 35k and want to max out my budget, anyone got any ideas? Thanks
  4. Re: People who support Clubs abroad If Stoke or West Ham get an Oil money takeover, you know who the true fans are
  5. Re: People who support Clubs abroad I don't know you but here in London we have a lot of people from different backgrounds and most of them don't support there local team. My friends are of Malay background, there are born and bred here and I'm trying to get them to Support West Ham but they ain't etc. There was show recently on a Channel here which showed only a little bit of lets say Asians supported there local teams. That's what I meant.
  6. Re: People who support Clubs abroad Anyone else have an opinion on this? I'm trying to change my friends who support Barca and Real lol. They know a lot of history but they were born and bred here and also have a passion for the clubs. So what are your opinions?
  7. Re: People who support Clubs abroad We all live close to West Ham expect for my Brother he's an Leyton Orient fan
  8. Re: People who support Clubs abroad Anyone got an Opinion, I don't care what it is..
  9. What do you think about people in London who support Real Madrid? And do you think everyone should support should there local team, including people who originally are not from that country? Do you think racism in the beautiful scares them off etc. Feel free to add opinions/points I would like to know everyones opinion after watching is football racist inspired me for this question!
  10. I am also getting Abidal and Claudio Pizzaro] Formation and Playing style please will be will appericated.
  11. Re: A Guide - How to build a team. if i make a new club what club should i get a season 1/1 or a seaosn like 6/1 and transform them but they arent my favourite club
  12. Re: Riferimento: What formation to play Haha okay, but what like playing style?
  13. Hi I have -------Buffon---------- Sagna---Mascherano---Vermaelen---Jordi Alba Iker Munian--Fabregas---Khedira----Ozil -----Sergio Aguero----Olivier Giroud---- Bench: Kroos, Podolski, Kosciently, Simon Pepe, Alex Song, benayoun What formation should I play? I lost to Swansea so please help and thanks!
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Diego Lopez for Samir Handanovic? Or should I swap my two other keepers or not get him at all and get someone else? Thanks
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