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  1. Re: Finances If a club goes into debt for a certain amount of time then they should be deducted 10 points etc. This would put a penalty on excessive spending, and clubs going into debt. Some clubs have huge squads and big debts but seem to carry on regardless.
  2. Re: 60-80 rated risers Aleksandar Covin
  3. Re: 60-80 rated risers Others typically costing < 500k to buy now are.... eintracht braunschweiger Boland 560k lb/lm .- might just have time to get Or Theuerkauf Lb 390k Dresden Koch 10k fwd - best buy Alternatives Solga 410k am/rm Jungwirth 240k dm/cb Duisburg Wolze cm 660k but worth it Or wieldwald 600k if you want a keeper Bochum Acquistapace 310k cb Aalen Mossmer 450k Def/dm Hofman 390k cm/dm
  4. Re: 60-80 rated risers Well it seems it was too late for Manceau +8 83 and Fettoughi +8 83 But not too late for Gomez +9 84 Petric + 8 83 De Preville +8 83 Veretout +8 83 Knockaert + 8 83 Hopefully someone benefitted ( jmh - i cant be bothered to read your post)
  5. Re: 60-80 rated risers Well fair enough It started with me offering names of potential risers to others Sanchez mino Padella Saponara Urriti And some benefitted from that advice .... Then we were having decent discussion about the MSL and a I offered a few names for the next league Knockaert Veretout Gomez Petric De preville I was trying to offer some friendly advice and did not need "spoon feeding" or the silly slagging off that started. Ok advice.... There still time to get Manceau and Fettoughi as well.
  6. Re: 60-80 rated risers Big deal. Rush out and buy quick before its too late.
  7. Re: 60-80 rated risers Where to begin? You may have noticed there is an area called 'next leagues to be reviewed' where SM gives notice (usually) of the next leagues to be reviewed. Therefore it is reasonable to assume that they will give notice of the next league to be reviewed - albeit only a day or two - otherwise why have it and why ever give any notice at all. A day or two is at least time enough to get a couple of bids in. Leagues don't get reviewed because you happen to have done a thread talking about them or because you decide that they are overdue. Had you bought 75 rated players from the league currently being reviewed back in january then they would have each cost you at least 250k in wages by now. Not very clever. The smart move is to buy just before the rating increase - as was the case with the guy who bought Sanchez Mino the day before he was upgraded +7. never mind. It isnt the end of the world. There's always the next player. Rose and Petric will probably be almost as good as as Farnolle and Pogba anyway. And people still have time to get Veretout. As for crying about a terminated loan.....well how obvious is it that loans can be terminated at any time.......boo hoo he took his goallie back.....its not fair, its not fair. since its so obvious which league will be reviewed next, perhaps you would kindly predict the next three or four leagues for us
  8. Re: 60-80 rated risers oh i do apologise i'll keep my thoughts to myself in future
  9. Re: 60-80 rated risers Look like i was right....decent rises but not good enough to get to 82 Estrada +5 77 Morrow + 5 80 Baca only + 3 78 Worst still.....its France div 2 next, with no prior warning so i just missed Pogba +7 83 court +8 83 Farnolle + 8 83 Avinel + 7 83 Etc Got to et in there quickly for Knockaert, Veretout, de Preville, petric, gomez Much better prospects than MSL players.
  10. Re: 60-80 rated risers I think Estrada will go from 72 to 78/79/80.... Should be good value. since mattock got 80 then Sene must go from 75 to 80 too Baca could be 80 as could Morrow but its prob too late to buy them now Meara has a chance but this league is difficult to fathom. Correa at Chivas did it....so there should be others.
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