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  1. I started playing SM in late 2006. It was brilliant, thus why I played for a good 6 years. The game, the forum & the chat room made it so enjoyable. I was even a moderator for a few years. Back then, they never really listened to suggestions or complaints either though. I left due to not having the time to play. I came back two years ago to have a look around. The forum was still quite active but most of the people that made it great had left. The game was still decent though. Now, I've come back & im having to learn how to use the site all over again, having not been here while they were changing it in recent years. I'll be honest, it's really dead in most GW's but I'm interested in learning the game again. I'd even say it would be enjoyable for new players just finding the game. I'd love some of the old crowd to get back into it but I can't see it happening.
  2. Nice predictions for the Wales game...
  3. Agreed! It's a terrible format!
  4. I can't see how Roy made the right decision using wingers, He only selected ONE out & out winger for the squad in the first place. As always, England not playing to their strengths. It'll continue to be your downfall. I'm looking forward to the crunch game on Thursday. My head is telling me that you will stick three or four past us but my heart tells me we can win by the odd goal. All depends on how you go about breaking us down and how you deal with Bale. Best of luck
  5. So. Inevitably, GC's died! Horribly! I've got 28 days of Gold Membership to have a look around, see what's new.
  6. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Does he still come on the forum? I'm going to remind him of it on Facebook.
  7. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread I know William Hill, BetFred and Bet365 do.
  8. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread YES! Its not quite the loss for United like I would have preferred but only a point at home to the bottom club will do. Lol
  9. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread I was thinking the same. What a shame. Fulham have defended well, as well as put in a massive effort.
  10. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Great goal from Fulham. Run was good (should have been picked up by someone), great ball and a good finish. Delighted!
  11. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Fantastic goal by Adebayor today. Makes AVB look like even more of a plank when you see his stats this season since Sherwood started playing him. I've had a terrible weekend due to sporting results so I'd very much appreciate Fulham winning here to pick me up ever so slightly. A bit of a risk playing some inexperienced players at Old Trafford but hopefully it works.
  12. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread YES! Wait' date=' what job did he do to resign from? I thought Pardew would be sacked after the third derby defeat in a row. He won't resign though, he's said that before. (You watch him resign by the end of the day )
  13. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread It's shocking really. There were far better players available to loan for a team still in a European competition. You must have some sort of funds to offer decent percentages of wages to better players. It just seems to be making signings for the sake of making signings.
  14. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Yaaaaawwnnn....
  15. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Palace have had a bid accepted for Joe Ledley. Brilliant, if true! One of my favorite players. Needs to get away from Scottish football.
  16. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Remy deserved to be sent off. He put his head towards Johnson no matter how Johnson reacted, Remy was stupid! Johnson squared up to him but didn't really do very much to warrant being sent off, IMO. The challenge that led to a free kick was a normal challenge. It earned a free kick and that should have been the end of it. That's why I haven't said much about it other than how stupid I think Remy was.
  17. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Is that Filip Djuricic from Benfica? If so, then I have seen him play but that was for Heerenveen before he moved in the summer. He was tipped for greatness. Not sure whats happened but he hasn't featured much for Benfica.
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