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  1. I started playing SM in late 2006. It was brilliant, thus why I played for a good 6 years. The game, the forum & the chat room made it so enjoyable. I was even a moderator for a few years. Back then, they never really listened to suggestions or complaints either though. I left due to not having the time to play.

    I came back two years ago to have a look around. The forum was still quite active but most of the people that made it great had left. The game was still decent though.

    Now, I've come back & im having to learn how to use the site all over again, having not been here while they were changing it in recent years. I'll be honest, it's really dead in most GW's but I'm interested in learning the game again. I'd even say it would be enjoyable for new players just finding the game. I'd love some of the old crowd to get back into it but I can't see it happening.

  2. Next it'll be you get a pass into grop stage of WC for finishing 4th in your group wth is this rewards for failure nonsense. Please do not argue it makes the competition more entertaining because it doesn't and even if it did is besides the point. 1st or 2nd is okay 3rd is taking the pee I think in all comps it should be top of group progress only but that would be a poor competition that's where the leeway comes for 2nd.

    Agreed! It's a terrible format!

  3. Tactically Roy made the right decision, use wingers - he just didn't select the right personal.


    I thought Sterling was bad and Kane was poor - other than that all the other players played ok, Dier and Rooney the best two.


    Hard to know who to blame for the goal, Smalling or Rose but it would be harsh to blame Rose as he had -2 feet on the Russian player. Hart for allowing a looping header in?


    Kane on corners is bemusing, but so far he has the highest success rate of any corner takers at the Euros (lol).


    I'd like to know about the Vardy situation, anything to do with his wife getting caught up in the off field problems?


    Lots of positives, a handful of negatives.


    Onwards & upwards!

    I can't see how Roy made the right decision using wingers, He only selected ONE out & out winger for the squad in the first place. As always, England not playing to their strengths. It'll continue to be your downfall.


    I'm looking forward to the crunch game on Thursday. My head is telling me that you will stick three or four past us but my heart tells me we can win by the odd goal. All depends on how you go about breaking us down and how you deal with Bale.


    Best of luck :D

  4. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread

    I think we could' date=' there's no reason why not.

    We've had a few awful games but things will settle down once we get Remy back in the fold and we can score some goals again.

    We're still missing Cabaye hugely, and no one has stepped up to replace him yet. Once we get injured players back, i'd like to see our line-up as:





    Ben Arfa-----------------------------Gouffran


    That said, De Jong is the perfect foil for someone quick like Remy or even Cisse.

    Yanga-Mbiwa has been awful, but the lad clearly has some talent. We saw it in France and we saw it in the Champions League. Coloccini was even worse when he first came to us, then a season in the Championship and he was fantastic when we came back up. Players - Especially defenders seem to need a lot longer to settle and unless we're going to play him we may as well get rid of him. Our season is over now as it is, so there'll never be a better time to get him some games.

    Cisse needs games and unless we're prepared to play him, i don't understand why we didn't just take the 8m in January from Trabzonspor. He's a confidence player and you cannot get confidence sitting on the bench.

    Ben Arfa is another one - He's got all the talent in the world but when he's played out of position or he's in-and-out of the team he's never going to settle. His attitude has always been a sticking point, ever since he was at Lyon - Benzema went one way, and he went the other. Play him on the right wing for a solid 5 or 6 games, left him cut in on his left foot and see what he can do. If he doesn't perform, sell him in the summer.

    Anita has ability and is a great passer of the ball in the middle of the park, and can hold possession. He hasn't got the bite that Cabaye had though and will need someone alongside him who can win a ball back like Tiote or Sissoko. Sissoko for some reason just looks soft at the minute, he's a beast physically - We've seen it a few times especially against opposition full-backs but he doesn't look interested at the minute and just gets brushed off the ball so easily.

    Tiote is going to be key is we're to finish top half. When we gave him the captains armband it seemed to give him a new lease of life, he was all over the place, winning balls, tackling attackers, setting up attacks - He really does look a lot more solid and his yellow cards have also decreased recently too. It's like the captaincy gave him a bit more responsibility and he took it seriously.

    Without question we need to sign a central midfielder in the summer to replace Cabaye though. Even if we sign a No.10 like Grenier who can play further forward like Cabaye was for the last few games he played for us, and we can change system slightly and have Sissoko and Tiote behind a No.10.

    I didn't plan on writing this much... :o[/quote']

    It pains me to say it but i'd play Willamson ahead of MYM, simply because between Colo and MYM, neither like heading a ball. Plus, along with Debuchy, Willo has been outstanding this season. Something i never thought i'd see.

  5. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread

    Fantastic goal by Adebayor today. Makes AVB look like even more of a plank when you see his stats this season since Sherwood started playing him.

    I've had a terrible weekend due to sporting results so I'd very much appreciate Fulham winning here to pick me up ever so slightly. A bit of a risk playing some inexperienced players at Old Trafford but hopefully it works.

  6. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread

    Kinnear's resigned.

    Cue celebrations in the streets.

    YES! Wait' date=' what job did he do to resign from? :rolleyes:

    I have feeling Pardew is soon to go also.

    Rumors where Joe wanted Mike to sack him and take over himself but Mike dint want him as manager.

    I thought Pardew would be sacked after the third derby defeat in a row. He won't resign though, he's said that before. (You watch him resign by the end of the day :P )

  7. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread

    I was a bit surprised that Newcastle didnt try and get a PSG player in a part-ex deal. Jeremy Menez is in need of first team football' date=' and surely the signing of Cabaye will cut down on Matuidi, Pastore or Rabiot's play-time. Even if it was a loan, it would at least mean that as far as personnel is concerned, the squad is at break-even, rather than a man down.[/quote']

    We were linked to Menez before he joined PSG and again last summer. I was excited both times it was mentioned and would've been happy with him as a replacement now. We're just used to this by now so its not too much of a shock for us Toon fans. :)

  8. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread

    This is the worst deadline day I can remember :mad:

    Fulham have made some great business in my opinion and should be fine. Palace have done some good business as well bagging ince is a massive coup for them I think very highly of him :)

    Biggest losers of the day ' date=' Liverpool and I know your debating this but Swansea as there signings TODAY have been dreadful. I think both are woeful players and they are lower level championship and having said that I wouldnt want either of them at Swindon :P

    Laughing stock of the window , Sorry guys but Newcastle takes this hands down. Ive been told they didnt sign anyone just so joe dosent have a another name he cant pronounce :)[/quote']

    We're always the laughing stock. ;) We did sign Luuk De Jong the other day though. Same day as Cabaye was sold. We weren't the only club to do nothing today though, if that's what you mean.

  9. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread

    I think you're exaggerating there ability' date=' they're not inspiring, they aren't better than what we've got and they're nothing special in the Championship. The Championship is roughly their level, which is a higher standard than what we'll have in our youth team.[/quote']

    I disagree, I'd want players that will fight for the club, youth players will probably be Welsh, meaning they understand what its like to play for a Welsh club in an English league, inspiring them, somewhat. As for having nothing more than average Championship players, they will be happy enough to be at a club that flatters them and take their wages. There was method to my comments. ;)


    Raging! The Konaplyanka deal seems to be off. :(

  10. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread

    My issue isn't with you believing that N'gog are Emnes are uninspiring' date=' I agree with that, it's when you've stated that the majority of our signings have been borderline terrible and uninspiring.

    I don't think we really needed anyone, but I'd rather have N'gog and Emnes in reserve in an injury crisis than no one or the likes of the Alvaro. The worst case scenario is that we lose a few hundred thousand and they don't make any sort of an impact.[/quote']

    Seriously, I'd rather trust my clubs fortunes on a couple of 16/17 year olds than N'Gog or/and Emnes, anyday! :o

  11. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread

    I ain't the only one then.....

    This is a club in Europe' date=' established PL side, won a trophy and looking to continue an upward spiral.

    Signings like Zaha or Ince might excite how anyone can think signings like Emnes, N'Gog, couple of young players from Scotland leaves most fans feeling anything less than uninspired is beyond me....each to there own though.

    My very last word on the subject.....I promise!!

    Anyhow all about Konaplyanka now will he, won't he........not a lot else really of any note still up in the air.[/quote']

    I'd love to see Konaplyanka in the Premiership. I think he's an amazing player.

  12. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread

    To think we were in for Zaha and Ince and we end up with N'gog and Marvin Emnes :o:o

    It's shocking really. There were far better players available to loan for a team still in a European competition. You must have some sort of funds to offer decent percentages of wages to better players.

    It just seems to be making signings for the sake of making signings.

  13. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread

    Remy deserved to be sent off. He put his head towards Johnson no matter how Johnson reacted, Remy was stupid! Johnson squared up to him but didn't really do very much to warrant being sent off, IMO.

    The challenge that led to a free kick was a normal challenge. It earned a free kick and that should have been the end of it.

    That's why I haven't said much about it other than how stupid I think Remy was.

  14. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread

    Remy's appeal has been rejected and so has Johnsons.

    Newcastle have approached Serbian midfielder Filip Duricic. The same lad who was meant to be on his way to Celtic two days ago. Getting desperate.

    Anyone really seen him play?

    Is that Filip Djuricic from Benfica? If so, then I have seen him play but that was for Heerenveen before he moved in the summer. He was tipped for greatness. Not sure whats happened but he hasn't featured much for Benfica.

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