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  1. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread We play Monaco in a friendly tonight, kicking off at 6pm. NUFC XI vs. AS Monaco - Harper - Santon, Simpson, Williamson, Gutierrez - Amalfitano, Abeid, Bigirimana, Sa.Ameobi - Sh.Ameobi, Ba. I shall be watching.
  2. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Rejected Chelsea in GC34.
  3. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Was a bit gob-smacked at seeing the Carroll bid. Also, slightly disappointed. We should be looking at players that would suit the wat we play. In the 18 months since AC left our style of play has changed so much and I think re-signing him would take us back into lugging the ball forward in hope that he could make something happen, rather than using our talented players in the way we have been. Saying that, I would find it hard not to trust Pardew's decisions regarding transfers.
  4. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Not been on in 5 days or so. Just wondering what the state of players being sold for SM Credits was like...? Is it still happening frequently? I logged in to one account to this PM: From dx army. If its definately being allowed to happen then I will start dropping my teams. (I can't just go cold turkey )
  5. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread I shall be ending my time on the game if you are allowed to buy players with SM credits. Thats just pathetic!
  6. Re: Official Euro 2012 Thread Italia!
  7. Re: Official Euro 2012 Thread You say that.... Then say that.... I'm quite within my rights to want England to lose' date=' regardless of how good or (how obviously) bad my native country seem to be at football. I hate the media coverage, the fans and (as in your post) the fans opinions of their neighbour countries. Simple as. Navas was behind Iniesta as Iniesta played the ball.... How is that offside? ( I thought Iniesta hand-balled though)
  8. Re: Official Euro 2012 Thread The Spain - Croatia game was terrible! Torres taken off after 60 odd minutes for Navas, meaning Spain playing 6 midfielders and no strikers was negative and disappointing. Who do Spain have in their squad as a striking option? (I could look but CBA!) I think Iniesta was offside and hand-balled for the Spain goal too! Amazing ball by Cesc though. Offside or not. SPAIN vs ENGLAND Q/F is exciting. Even though I think (HOPE!!!!) England lose to the Ukraine. Italy - France will be brilliant, IF France win their group.
  9. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Oooooooooh, exciting!!!
  10. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread So, next season we start at home to Tottenham. I don't think when you play who is a massive factor. Granted, if we didn't have such a tough run in last season then we could have mounted a serious CL effort but never mind. Transfer talk gone a bit quiet for now. Not sure what I'm expecting, but I expect something.
  11. Re: Official Euro 2012 Thread AND Nuno Gomes! One of my favourite players...EVAAAAR!
  12. Re: Official Euro 2012 Thread I could say so much about Holland. They were so poor tonight after they went into the lead. SO poor. Van Persie looked lost until the 70th minute. I know you can't leave either him or Huntelaar out but RVP seriously needed to get involved. As has been said so many times, they have too many ego's. I'm not sure it stops them from playing well, I think thats down to having too many good players suited to certain positions. Considering they went all the way in the World Cup, I expected more in these Euro's, but saying that, you can clearly see why they finished on 0 points after 3 games. I'm disappointed but also happy that it'll be Germany - Greece and Portugal - Czech in the Q/F.
  13. Re: Official Euro 2012 Thread Classy goal. Van Der Vaart is magic!
  14. Re: Official Euro 2012 Thread I love the Dutch but want to see Portugal progress, mainly because I really like their midfield three of Meireles, Veloso and Moutinho. Plus, since Ronaldo has left Man Utd I actually quite like watching him. Can't deny he's an amazing athlete and its enjoyable watching him. Germany should be safe and with the squad they have, on paper it would be un-imaginable for them not to go through. I think its better than Spain's squad tbh.
  15. Re: Official Euro 2012 Thread Sorry? I don't quite understand. If your saying that penalties should given out less often then thats wrong. No competition should be any different to another regarding how its officiated.
  16. Re: Official Euro 2012 Thread I have only seen replays and didn't see it in real time. There was contact so it probably should of been a penalty, but what might have made the referee think it was a dive was the fact he took a step or two before hitting the ground. Its very harsh that he'll miss such a massive game, a game in which he would become his countries most capped player too. Gutting!
  17. Re: Official Euro 2012 Thread I watched Poland - Czech's. What was the Russia - Greece game like? Russiua bombarding the Greek goal? Greece sitting back with everyone behind the ball and Russia not able to break them down? I'm so disappointed.
  18. Re: Official Euro 2012 Thread Greece and Czech Republic, you mean?
  19. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread I can't report it either as it was offered within the chat and SM don't log that. I have print scrn'ed it though to use IF I can find where to report it within SM's USELESS support system.
  20. Re: Official Euro 2012 Thread No. If they lose, they are out.
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