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  1. Re: Gold Championship 2 There are goodish teams everywhere arent there... you can have a look at Porto if you want i have some players for loan, probably not 90+ but have a little look.
  2. Re: Allardyce leaves Newcastle Why is Harry Redknapp favourite to take the dreaded Newcastle job? A manager who is leaving a lasting impression on a team that he has built up for years as Allardyce did at Bolton, im sure he wouldnt want to make the mistake of thinking that he could do more with Newcastle than he has at Portsmouth like Allardyce has. Same with Mark Hughes although he is the one i want the most... I think it would be better to try a foreign manager this time though if we can lure Houllier or Lippi, i know its doubtful but its an idea.
  3. Dai

    7 in a row

    Re: 7 in a row Unlucky mate, thats a good run, my Sochaux team might of beaten it but theres only 6 games left in the season.
  4. Dai

    Gold Champs

    Re: Gold Champs I have changed 4 teams in my Gold setup. I had loads of smaller teams now i have Hamburg, Newcastle, Porto and Others.
  5. Dai

    7 in a row

    Re: 7 in a row Since i took over at Sochaux in Gold Champ 3 i have had 15 games, won 13 drew 1 and lost 1. Currently im on 8 wins and still going.
  6. Dai

    Gold Champs

    Re: Gold Champs Could it be a glitch as Hearts have become available in every Gold Champ.
  7. Re: Gold Championship 5 official match thread New man on Tyneside Newcastle United today apointed a new manager in a man who has supported them since a child. The clubs board have said "This is a big move for us, we are taking a bit of a risk on a new and up and coming manager in Winston but we have every confidencethat he can get us into the top 4 and really challenge in all competitions". Fans gathered outside St. James' park this morning to welcome the new manager and great support was showed from them. They have high expectations and Winston has "promised to deliver". Winston has said that he has his eyes on a few players to bring in to boost the squad, as always defenders are high on that list.
  8. Dai

    Gold Champs

    Re: Gold Champs Cheers mate, but its well wierd, im always looking and i mean always looking. Like once an hour im that obsessed lol. To see that many good teams available was a shock.
  9. Dai

    Gold Champs

    Why have loads of good teams just become available in all the Gold Championships? I always check for new clubs, and LOADS were available...can anyone answer that?
  10. Re: Gold Championship 10 Match Report Thread Estudiantes carry on there good start to the season with their 4th win out of 4 at the Jorge Luis Hirschi Stadium tonight winning 2 goals to 0 with Santos Alvaro and Diego Galvan getting on the score sheet. They hope to carry on this form as long as they can.
  11. Re: TOPRedict Sign Up Thread I agree, this is just pointless.
  12. Re: Allardyce leaves Newcastle Klinsmann- i hope not jol- yes mcclaren- NO WAY Pearce- yes Mark Hughes- Oh yes, i really rate him as a manager.
  13. Re: Gold Championship 3!!! Sochaux march on in The French Division 1. After a good 2-1 away performance against Caen. The French league leaders carry on their good run of 14 wins in 15 games to pull away at the top of the League. Goals from Armando Petit and Pavel Pogrebnyak seal the win with a goal from Julien Toudic in between the Sochaux goals gave them a glimmer of hope but it was not to be. The Sochaux manager stated: " It will be good if we can keep these good performances up and push for the SMFA Cup next season to test ourselves against the best teams in Football." He also praised his teams recent performances saying how proud of them he is.
  14. Re: Allardyce leaves Newcastle Just dont agree sorry.
  15. Re: Allardyce leaves Newcastle What are you on about?? No way, i will stop supporting them if he does, the same with Steve Mclaren.
  16. Re: Allardyce leaves Newcastle Martin Jol would be good i think!!
  17. Re: Allardyce leaves Newcastle Give Mourinho whatever he wants to be there and give him time... Give him a house a car, whatever just get him there. Not much chance i know but there we go......much more shoking things have happened!!!
  18. Re: Allardyce leaves Newcastle What the Fudge???? :eek: I just started watching the news and that came on!!! I cant believe it, its so stupid. Newcastle's board members are wrecking the club...they dont give a manager time to change the ways of the team. Its annoying as a fan since Keegan was there we have not had a manager stay that long...I think Robson was the longest and i was gutted that he left. I feel sorry for Big Sam, he hasn't had a fair go there so good luck to him wherever he goes next. Shearer is not the right man at the moment, he wont last long if he does. We need a manager that the board are willing to give a good chance. I heard that since Nicky Butt has been at Newcastle he has had 4 managers in charge that will be 5 with the next 1, and thats only 3 and a half years... Its stupid!! :mad:
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