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  1. Re: New Mangers! Benfica were available in gold 8 a sec ago
  2. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports Benfica are available right now if anyone is quick!!!
  3. Re: New Mangers! I didnt mean me, i meant in general.... i don't manage a top team, im only manager in all the Gold setups. Aww are you feeling un-loved? Nobody cares about you? Even so, dont moan about not getting good teams. Or are you one of the managers that demands good teams because of your rep?
  4. Re: New Mangers! Thats a bit of a stupid thing to say, its first come first serve. Just because the Points are 40 or whatever doesn't mean they do not have the right to manage a good team, thats just tight!! As you say "Us experienced" managers do not get good teams that is not new players faults. Im an Un-Experienced manager then as my rep is 52 am i not supposed to manage an Arsenal or Barca? Ok then i will quit right now for the people who have played the game for ages not to miss out. I Dont agree with this thread.
  5. Re: Jose Maria Guti Yeh they are ok, go for it
  6. Re: Jose Maria Guti ahh ok, I mean he is a good reliable player to have in a squad, he will play well whenever you play him. People like high ratings so maybe thats why, it is strange that you have had 3 offers in a day.
  7. Re: Jose Maria Guti Why? Have i said something foreign?
  8. Re: Jose Maria Guti He is a reliable player. Simple as...
  9. Re: Most Hated Team & Player on SM This thread should be called Mancs vs scousers, thats all it is
  10. Dai

    Childhood Toys

    Re: Childhood Toys What i remember playing with were my Transformer toys, He-man, Thunder-Cats, G.I. Joe and the millions of wrestling figures i had.
  11. Re: Most Hated Team & Player on SM Oh my God how true is that!!!!!!!!! Totaly agree!! And Parker and Dyer in my Opinion, even Bellamy i loved. Scored alot of goals for us!
  12. Re: Most Hated Team & Player on SM Team i hate is Newcastle, even as a Geordie fan. I would like to Apologize for that woeful match against Stoke. Player i hate is Michael Owen, the biggest waste of space in Any football league in the world- sell him please, better still give him away. Really really wanted to at least play well but we have not got a player who can create anything: N'Zogbia is a brilliant prospect but likes the ball at his feet too much. We have nothing up front without Martins so calls for him to be sold are outragous!! He is the best striker we have. We will hammer the scum(Man Utd) next week i bet lol. Or not. I will be surprised if we dont concede six.
  13. Re: Most Hated Team & Player on SM Rooney a flop???? Is he??? I agree, Gerrard is not over-rated but rooney is not a flop. The over-rated player is Cristiano Ronaldo....Why? Because everyone is scared of him, every other defender in any game that plays against him shows him too much respect. If you dont back off him and stick on him as soon as he gets the ball you can stop him. Example: Yesterday, Villa dealt with him well because they made a challenge straight away. I hate Ronaldo anyway, thats what im getting at, he demands respect off referee's and everyone. If he doesnt get a decision doesn't he spit his dummy out. He is a little baby
  14. Re: Most Hated Team & Player on SM Yeah Chelsea may have bought alot of good players with Abramovic's money but as Liverpool are finding this season its hard to get them to gel quickly. Mourinho is the reason for the success, not the money. As for Peter Crouch to me he is a good old fasioned Centre Forward. Strong for such a weed and has good feet. I rate him, should be a starter for England.
  15. Re: Top 5 favourite Bands? 1. Blink 182 2. Linkin Park 3. System of a Down- Are awesome Live 4. Stereophonics 5. Arctic Monkeys
  16. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Cant touch This- MC HAMMER Legend of a choon
  17. Re: Squad Numbers I think it would be a good idea. It is what managers do in real life so SM would become better for it, as little a thing as it would be.
  18. Re: Gold Championship 6 I am looking for players in Gold Championship 6 rated 88 upwards, mainly defenders and central midfielders, let me know if you want to do some deals. P/E and cash.
  19. Dai

    Hey Everyone

    Re: Hey Everyone P.S are you welsh? Oh yes and very proud of it. Not in a football sence but hopefully i can wear my draggon with pride when the young welsh hopefulls start performing on the international stage. And now Giggs is out of the way, even better. So yes i am Sorry about tht little rant, i dont know what came over me then lol
  20. Dai

    Hey Everyone

    Re: Hey Everyone haha thats well true my friend, She has already said that. I blame Leigh for getting me into this and I have told him.
  21. Dai

    Hey Everyone

    Hello I have just taken over teams in all the Gold Championships in the Last couple of months and was urged to join the Forum so i have, I am addicted which is getting me in trouble with the missus but I do not care, I have said to the woman " I am a total football fan and this is what i love so just deal with it" That shut her up for now. I will be online all the time, probably annoying all of you with my constant harassment for your players. i am looking forward to having dealings with you all and of course beating you on the field when i play you. Gold Champ Teams That I Have: Gold1- Borussia Monchengladbach, Gold 2- Bayer Leverkusen, Gold 3- Sochaux, Gold 4- Ajax, Gold 5- Bolton Wanderers, Gold 6- Sheffield United, Gold 7- Reading, Gold 8- Deportivo La Coruna, Gold 9- Fenerbahce and Gold 10- Estudiantes. I am always looking to do deals so PM me if you have any offers. Good Luck Everyone. Haway The Lads!! C'mon Big Sam, Turn It Around!!
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