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  1. Re: Premiership 2011/2012 Discussion Come on, its hardly expected. Arsenal take an early lead then lose it within 8 minutes. I think its unbelievable.
  2. Re: Premiership 2011/2012 Discussion Its been coming. We really don't look interested. Just as I was thinking I hadn't heard Pienaar's name been mentioned.
  3. Re: Premiership 2011/2012 Discussion WBA 2-1 up!!! COME ON NEWCASTLE!!! We haven't turned up yet mind, giving the ball away and playing far too may long hopeful balls forward.
  4. Re: Premiership 2011/2012 Discussion Typical... Spurs score. Then... Arsenal score... Edit: Heitinga should of been sent off for Everton too! Terrible two footed challenge.
  5. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Buzzing today! Not for the first time this season! COME ON!
  6. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Love, LOVE that interview. Even if we flop next season, in Europe and the League, I have a new found respect for Alan Pardew, I love what he's done, but didn't have any faith when he took over and didn't really give him any time at all. I have always liked JC so no need to comment there. Edit: This contains details of the young defender Pardew refers to in the interview.
  7. Re: Premiership 2011/2012 Discussion Why? Why strange?
  8. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread
  9. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread We don't sit back and park a bus, we sit back when needed but burst into life when the opportunity presents itself. Its the way we play and has guided us this far so I can't see Pardew throwing caution to the wind and just trying to bombard you. Of course, if its a close game and its tight then he might throw Ameobi AND Best on towards the end but if we play our game, it might just work. You should take heart from the few tankings we've had away from home this season.
  10. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread If you lose in the CL qualifiers I'm pretty sure you don't go into the Europa League. I'm quietly confident WBA can beat Arsenal on Sunday, but not as confident as I am about Fulham getting a point at Spurs. The only thing we need to do is beat Everton. Forget any other score on the day. I'd love to see us get an early goal and put pressure on Spurs and Arsenal. They might just go out and try that little bit too hard in their games and blow their own chances. One can dream......
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Oh, don't get me wrong. I don't really care. I was just suggesting why you might of been ignored. (Saying that, EVERYONE knows Goal. com is pretty out there regrading speculations. The others seem legit, though )
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Where did you get those quotes from? They might have been ignored due to not including a link proving he said those things. Just last night I read that he wasn't definately going to Spurs, although the Premiership was his prefered choice. He listed a few clubs that were interested. That was on the Sky Sports app.
  13. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Just rejected an Ok Marseille in GC25. Cavani the player of note. Club America would be very interested in Cavani.
  14. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread No. Its just the sort of arrogant response you'd get from United fans, not Arsenal fans.
  15. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread
  16. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread He was against the best CB partnership in the League. Did we hear anything of Rooney the other night? Sorry, other than moaning at the ref, THE WHOLE GAME or falling over getting people booked.
  17. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread We were right to have a bit of hope before this game today. The lads were so close to getting a result. Some of the things I noticed. Mainly, Cabaye was very poor! We had a few set-pieces and against the better teams in the league, you need to make the most of the limited chances you're going to get. His delivery was shocking today. For the first time this season, I must say. Also, he attempted some impossible through balls when a simple pass would have been the better option to keep the ball. I don't mind one or two, but he tried it too often and with very poor execusion. Another thing. We pumped the ball forward too many times. Kompany and Lescott were made to look brilliant today because they were on the end of every long ball. Its their strength fgs. That was very disappointing. I counted 14 times Krul was passed the ball and every time he lumped it forward, presenting City with the ball. I'm not going to knock our effort as we were superb in that respect. I think, that 200M more that they spent was the difference in the end. A little bit more quality! I'm absolutely delighted that my Thursday nights are going to be important next season.
  18. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Sometimes, you hate the ref. I'm affraid there was a definate handball by Micah Richards. It was close range but his arm was extended from his body and we would and should of had a penalty. Great breakaway, however. We threw eveything forward for that corner and got caught out by your electric counter. I think, you have deserved to win this game, overall. Don't get me wrong, but when so much of our season depends on it also, its a shame not to get that little bit of luck when you most need it. I hope you SMASH QPR next season and beat the reds to the title. Whole-heartedly.
  19. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Should be game over. How did Aguero miss??!! I think you'll score again before the end though. Looks like we're going for it.
  20. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Great finish. Cabaye looks a bit tired, otherwise he would of been there to close that down.
  21. Re: Official Manchester City Thread GRRRRRR!!!! Everytime you lose the ball under a challenge and go down, that ref gives a free-kick, very harshly MOST of the time. Edit: De Jong coming on. Keep him the HECK away from Ben Arfa!!!!!!
  22. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Very tense early on. Then you were very much on top. I was very nervy during that whole spell. Then we burst into life. Not sure what triggered it. Could easily have gone 1-0 up. THEN, you went up the other end, just like that and nearly scored yourselves. Great goal-line clearance. I'll be honest. I crapped myself during that little melee in the box. On the whole, I think 0-0 might be fair though. You lot will probably disagree.
  23. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread
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