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  1. Re: Tonights fixtures not yet been played? Me too, i have 10 game for today and still not played, there is three option: 1- Update delay. 2- Computer Central Server burned 3- Staff of Soccermanager.com went to vacation I hope tomorrow everything be back to normal state.
  2. Re: What happen today July, 5, 2012 14 people saw it and nobody reply?? really? nobody have experimented this problem, a match that have supose to be played today did not and just skipped this match, july 5, 2012, to saturday 8, so my match against b. munich will be never taken care, just leave undone???? And for everybody, if you are reading it, please dont leave without saying something, if you have the same problem, post it! LET THEM TO KNOW THERE IS A REAL PROBLEM!
  3. hi everyone. i have some team that have match today thursday 5, july, 2012. I was waiting to see if this have done actualization but still not doing the matches! what happened? is every staff people gone to vacation?
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