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  1. Hey guys, Please hear what I have to say before launching any attack on myself... Soccer Manager is a game, I have been playing since around 2007/8, not quite the full 10 years, but a long while none the less. The game has had a successful platform o the web for many years now, and more recently a successful launch onto the mobile scene. I am now wondering if the game would not find more success on other platforms too. One of which I was thinking in particular is the Playstation Vita. As you may know Console gamers often buy the latest Fifa games every year. Yet its only the PC thats see a real Management game each year (Football Manager). Now I am not making direct comparisons between SoccerManager and Football Manager, but I am suggesting that the Playstation Vita would be a successful place to launch the game! Discuss!
  2. Re: Gold Championship 7 Recently joined GW7, I have never played in a Gold World before, and I am amazed at how busy and exciting it is to be part of one! I am loving it so far, even if I have only played one friendly game, I am looking forward to the season ahead!
  3. Re: Soccer Manager Advice Yes I agree there should be posts more often Unfortunatley I do have to go out and earn my money! However you say its not helpful enough? What else would you like to see on the site? Let me know and I can get the ball rolling
  4. Re: My argument against certain game suggestions As 123_ABC has said logging in once in 30 days isn't an active manager, this means they might only log into a game world 12 days in a whole year. We want more active managers so shortening this time would allow for this to be more like to happen!
  5. Re: Soccer Manager Advice Dude!!! Congratulations on waiting five minutes before hyjacking another thread!! If you click on the symbol at the top of the page that looks like a person, you get a drop down page, click on find friends, and then from that menu you should find what you are looking for!
  6. Re: Help with Double Game Bug Wow... I haven't seen this bug before, looks a good one :L I reckon you should PM Steven about this and link him to this post, so he can see the images etc.
  7. Re: Soccer Manager Advice I have inboxed you as requested
  8. Re: Soccer Manager Advice *Edit* Double post due to slow internet
  9. Re: Soccer Manager Advice Thank you, Feedback is very important to us, without it we can't move forward.
  10. Re: Soccer Manager Advice Any chance I could get a sticky on this?
  11. Re: Soccer Manager Advice ** Another Update We are currently running a logo competition Loads of talent spotting Tactical advice A platform to share your voice Newsletter, thats right we now have a subscribe section!! This is all for now, but keep checking us out, we are growing every day!
  12. Re: to many players HELP Hmm' date=' all depends on what formation you wish to play. Tbh my thinking would be as follows: Marco Reus 24 93 Possibly + 1 Mario Gotze 21 93 Possibly + 1/2 Thomas Muller 24 94 Possibly + 1/2 David Silva 28 94 Possibly + 1 Gareth Bale 24 94 Possibly + 1 Neymar 22 93 Possibly +/- 0 Aguero 25 94 Possibly + 2 Now then, For the two: Ronaldo 29 98 Possibly +/- 0 Ibrahimovich 32 96 Possibly + 1 If it was me I'd be keeping what I've got. However for you, then I'd sell David Silva & Marco Reus
  13. If anyone is still making the Sigs would it be possible to get a Leeds United one made up? Something a bit different to the usuals so it stands out a bit. If possible for two version one with the retro badge and one with the modern one, so I can see how they look and make a decision? Cheers
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