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  1. Can anyone recommend any risers ahead of the new season or players to buy?
  2. Asensio + 1? Pjanic + 1?
  3. Sir Rahul, i wondered if you would be so kind as to update your Spanish and Italian review and opinions on risers before they get done in the next two weeks I'm looking towards the bigger player risers to sign
  4. Anyone know anything about Marlon playing for Barcelona this evening? Liking to be first team? Worth buying?
  5. What percentage of certainty of the following players rising Higuain 94>95 Gameiro 91>92 Franco Vazquez 90>91 Callejon 91>92
  6. Gnagnon +5? He's expensive for an 80 rated
  7. I'd appreciate people's opinions on there top 5 buys of the big league reviews coming up
  8. Does Denis Suarez really deserve 90? I can't see him rising. Opinions before I sell?
  9. @Sir Rahul what do you think? Also I'd love to see you update your major league predictions. Feel like there's some missed and rating chances going from 50/50 to certains
  10. I've checked through the predictions. Looking for a 89>90 or 90>91 or 91>91 CM. Any recommendations?
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