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  1. Any rating reviews on the MLS that Kieran keeps promising each day 😂
  2. Had to go Max big on Shoretire. Can’t risk being outbid!
  3. Junior Sambia 87 on the next review?
  4. Hi Kieran, could you explain this report, I’d like to understand and be involved 😄 Cheers!
  5. Does anyone think Lukaku will hit 94 next?
  6. It’s good. But overwhelming. Maybe into category’s on price Or ratings and potential based on game time etc? Everyone’s at different levels and nothing worse when you search 1 and he’s 8 million and that’s your whole squad value haha. I appeciate the effort you put into the content 🙂
  7. Hi Guys, I could do with the cheapest/youngest (ideally 65-70) goalkeeper as a back up but with potential to rise. Any suggestions or what does everyone else do about a back up keeper. Are they ever needed?
  8. Can anyone recommend any risers ahead of the new season or players to buy?
  9. Sir Rahul, i wondered if you would be so kind as to update your Spanish and Italian review and opinions on risers before they get done in the next two weeks I'm looking towards the bigger player risers to sign
  10. Anyone know anything about Marlon playing for Barcelona this evening? Liking to be first team? Worth buying?
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