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  1. How good can Ridle Baku be this season? Future 90?
  2. Thanks. I think. SMFA kept rejecting deals for players between clubs and I mentioned I think there’s some dodgy deals going on
  3. Thoughts of Matheus Pereira? Gets a move? 87?
  4. Will Matheus Pereira get a move? Seems a bargain for 5million at 87. Played well in a bad bad team
  5. Any predictions or risers for the Turkish League? 😀
  6. Any cheap keepers that are good for back up and due a good rise?
  7. James Tarkowski worth getting? Might get a transfer?
  8. Any early predictions for next year on rises and who’s in for a good season?
  9. Lovely Belgium review this morning. Anyone to jump on late for?
  10. Any rating predictions in these or the Portuguese league review?
  11. Anyone worth picking up for the Portuguese review?
  12. Will Gab Martinelli get a rise from 83? Is he worth picking up?
  13. Has anyone doing a rating prediction for Belgium ?
  14. Can P Schick get 90? Worth picking up?
  15. Starting 11 top risers soon for Spanish 👀
  16. Anyone think Zinchenko is worth grabbing at 89? Can he get 90 this review or at some point?
  17. Vitinha showing his class for Portugal U21. Worth picking up? Will he rise?
  18. Tammy Abraham worth picking up ready for next season? Can we see a loan and 90?
  19. To save about 400 messages about Chelsea’s new predictions, has anyone done a squad rating update following the CL win 😂
  20. Was hoping to see the Germany risers team line up 🙂
  21. Morgan Rodgers worth keeping hold off?
  22. Have you done an XI best risers for each league 👀
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