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  1. Botman goes 89 next review surely?
  2. Does Coufal go 90 at West Ham or does Leo Dubois at Lyon have a better chance? More versatile too!
  3. Has Kessie at AC Milan got potential for 92?
  4. Wow! Has anyone reviewed the Argentina League for the best risers? Gutted I missed out on this one!
  5. Does Barella go 93? Or is Foden swap a good deal?
  6. Interesting! What do you think they will rise too?
  7. Tyler Adams future 90? 89 next review?
  8. Tommaso Pobega +2? Ramus Kristensen + 2?
  9. Dahoud +1? Getting a lot of minutes for Dortmund
  10. Darwin Nunez in for a +1? He’s on fire!
  11. Another Bargain, Kourtney Hause, do we see a +2 or +1?
  12. Is Curtis Jones worth getting for 10 million? Is he going start regular and get a +1?
  13. Love a bargain. Great find. Would be great to hear other people’s thoughts
  14. Anything one think Leonardo Balerdi will get a +2 at Marseille ?
  15. Defenders seem to be the hardest to pick up in GW. Any recommendations of potential risers from 85+ and 88-90
  16. Does anyone know how it works when two clubs bid the same? For example. New player added, I max bid, another club max bid and then I lose. I always thought it was the team who bids first? Or has something changed?
  17. Lots of young guns added this morning. Any worth picking up?
  18. Antonio Blanco worth keeping? Considering selling
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