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  1. Anyone worth picking up for the Portuguese review?
  2. Will Gab Martinelli get a rise from 83? Is he worth picking up?
  3. Has anyone doing a rating prediction for Belgium ?
  4. Can P Schick get 90? Worth picking up?
  5. Starting 11 top risers soon for Spanish πŸ‘€
  6. Anyone think Zinchenko is worth grabbing at 89? Can he get 90 this review or at some point?
  7. Vitinha showing his class for Portugal U21. Worth picking up? Will he rise?
  8. Tammy Abraham worth picking up ready for next season? Can we see a loan and 90?
  9. To save about 400 messages about Chelsea’s new predictions, has anyone done a squad rating update following the CL win πŸ˜‚
  10. Was hoping to see the Germany risers team line up πŸ™‚
  11. Morgan Rodgers worth keeping hold off?
  12. Have you done an XI best risers for each league πŸ‘€
  13. Is it worth hanging on to Morey (82) with his injury? Will he get a rise in the German review? I might sell after the review
  14. Reckon he will get plus 1 to 90?
  15. Can anyone recommend keepers that are 84+ For a good rise? Was thinking Adan might get +1 at Sporting
  16. Is the U23 league enough for rises? Or is it capped at say 75 without first team minutes?
  17. odilon kossounou +2? Worth picking up?
  18. Will you be doing a big list again? 😬
  19. Harvey Barnes +1? Timothy Weah +2 or 3 ? next review
  20. Will someone be doing a big league review for top 5 leagues? Always a joy to read πŸ˜„
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