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  1. What percentage of certainty of the following players rising Higuain 94>95 Gameiro 91>92 Franco Vazquez 90>91 Callejon 91>92
  2. Gnagnon +5? He's expensive for an 80 rated
  3. I'd appreciate people's opinions on there top 5 buys of the big league reviews coming up
  4. Does Denis Suarez really deserve 90? I can't see him rising. Opinions before I sell?
  5. @Sir Rahul what do you think? Also I'd love to see you update your major league predictions. Feel like there's some missed and rating chances going from 50/50 to certains
  6. I've checked through the predictions. Looking for a 89>90 or 90>91 or 91>91 CM. Any recommendations?
  7. Can anyone recommend any CB 89>90 and 90>91 in the next main league review?
  8. Can anyone recommend any CB 89>90 and 90>91 in the next main league reviews?
  9. Sir Rahul, Fantastic effort with your reviews. Spot on! Which leagues will you look to review/predict ratings of next?
  10. Even though Axel Tuanzebe has no game time for United. Is a + 5 to 75 justifiable?
  11. Thanks Rahul, Just unsure whether to play it safe with Lindelof (+1) or risk it with Christensen and hope for 88
  12. On ‎22‎/‎11‎/‎2016 at 10:41 AM, Sir Rahul said: Christensen I've managed to sell Bartra now. Are you really confident that Christensen will rise to an 88 instead of 87? Seems a big jump when you compare to other 88 CB on the game
  13. Brill. Any ideas when the Norwegian leagues will be reviewed?
  14. Vincent Thill + 8 Has he done enough to justify this? Worth spending 380k?
  15. Awesome. Completely agree. I've currently got Bartra (88) - I think he will stay 88. Cant see a rise. Hes worth around 7 million. Can you think of any other suitable replacements that would be worth considering for the same price/rating that would look to be rising up in the next review? I do believe Bartra to be a future 90 CB given time. That's the only thing holding me back from selling him.
  16. Hi Rahul, New on here. Fantastic input and thread. I'd like to here your thoughts on Thomas Lemar (86), Djibie Sidibe (87 - Surprised he hasn't been mentioned yet) Denis Suarez (88), Eric Bailly (87), Theo Hernandez (75), Alexander Isak (72) Jose Gomes (73)
  17. Re: The New Players Thread http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-6Jw4alYBw Everyone wants this kid in Europe! He's the only player i check for every in the Brazil league. He's world class even at his age.
  18. Re: The New Players Thread Adryan added to the Database! Finally!
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