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  1. Sup people.. Ive just took-over a team in a Italian Championship.. unfortunately a good majority of the team were unhappy with the last manager.. alot of them now handed in a transfer request, 40hours after my appointment I hope SM fix this.. IF a new manager takes over, the Concerns should either 1) Erase and see how the new manager does 2) Decrease by a few levels Thoughts??
  2. Hey SM'ers =) So, ths is a little thread on your best formations and tactics! Alot of people generally ask for 'Help' because they struggle or need advice.. SO what is YOUR best formations and tactics and in-game settings why? Whats the ones you play and rarely lose?
  3. Hey Guys, Some guys on my Friends List manage Barcelona, Real Madrid etc in a Gold Championship. Ive been on SM since 2008, but back then you couldnt reserve a club in a Gold Championship, I just re-joined a few months ago, but like i said a few friends have like 3 BIG teams in each Gold Championship So... has it changed? Can you reserve Clubs now in GC?
  4. Re: Hi SM Managers! Thanks guys, great to be back!
  5. Sup guys, yeah title says it all basically =') A Manager who is Arsenal in my gameworld has been doing transfers at very dodgy prices - anyway, I reported the deals and both got reversed. So what happens to him? hes sold the players for a lower price now, but he was found guilty beforehand... does anything happen or not? Thanks, Mikey.
  6. Hi to all SM users! Ive been on SM since 2008, however I couldnt remember my password for the forum! I left SM for around 9-12 months and came back this year in April, beginning to fall in love with the game again, so to all newbies, WELCOME! Anyone who had me on there friends before I left, and your still kicking around, add me please. Anyone who is a serious manager and agree's with fairplay and doesnt cheat - also add me! Thanks, Mikey.
  7. Re: Drogba! Drogba | 93 Rated | 34 Years Old Hazard | 92 Rated | 21 Years Old That itself should have your answer for you mate. Drogba only has 3years left I reckon, I doubt he will rise, even though he deserves it, i doubt he will, he was already a -1. So i think he'll stay a solid 93. Hazard however is the best 'Youth Academy' player in SM at this minute, he will rise to a 93 if he has a outstanding season with Chelsea, no doubt! plus he is only 21, has tones of years infront of him, plus his national side are getting stronger every game mate!
  8. Re: Vincent KOMPANY, highest rating at ??? I agree with the lads above, Kompany right now is one of the best CB's in the world! However, if/when Manchester City win more silverware then Kompany's rating will rise for sure, i reckon its only a matter of time before he becomes a 95 possibly. He might get a 94 on the next rating changes. A few Man City players are a bit low-rated rght now, e.g Richards, but with City winning the league a few of there players might get a +1, including Kompany.
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