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  1. I got a feeling they wont review major leagues until after the world cup in June. Hope I'm wrong lol
  2. They sometimes get rejected if the player is going to get a rating increase in next day or two. That's happened to me before.
  3. The only explanation I can think of for the delay for Italian review is some of the SM/SW team are on holiday. Because if they are English it has been schools half term holidays and they've been spending time with their family?
  4. Quite a few new players added from Serie A teams lately. Any good young prospects I should be signing ?
  5. Any chance of Stefano Sturaro getting a rise ? + 1 maybe ? Or not ?
  6. Sergi ROBERTO is a good utility player. Mostly right sided and central though.
  7. A +1 (87) for Jordan Pickford today in a relegated team . He most certainly is going to move to top 6 PL team or top European team in the close season and is a future England GK. What do you guys think ?
  8. I have Jose Gimenez (Atletico M ) he is valued at 24m and have received an offer of 28.5m Do you think I should sell of keep ? He is rated 90 atm. Is he going to go up, stay or go down as he is not really starting a lot of games at the moment ? Thanks.
  9. Was expecting Antony Knockhaert to get a +2 or +3 from 85 rating. Not increased since 2014 and just won promotion with Brighton? Only a few player increases for promotion winning team. So yeah seems a bit harsh on Championship top teams to me also.
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