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  1. I need a new goalkeeper and these two players come to mind... Akinfeev or Mandanda?
  2. So... I need to buy a player that can play in DM that is young, and has great potential to rise in the future. I know that both Papadapoulous and Lars Bender would be great buys, perhaps the better of the few I have mentioned. However I am able to sign Neves Denilson and Anita Vurnon on a Free Transfer, so they would be considerably cheaper to buy compared to both Bender and Papadapoulous. Any advice? Who would you buy a particular player if you had the choice? Also who is the better player, with the most potential, between Vurnon and Denilson?
  3. I think the chance of him gaining a rise from 88 is very low. I have two 87 rated wingers on loan, Oscar and Assaidi, to replace him if I was to sell him (I can sell him for 9.5m...bought him for nothing) I am thinking that the cash offer is too good to turn down...any thoughts? Or is he a player worth keeping in my squad?
  4. I am looking to replace my ageing DR,MR (Christian Maggio) from my Napoli side after recently winning Division 1. Out of the three players mentioned (Rafael, Piszcek, Van Der Wiel) which would be the better replacement in terms of rising above 90+ in the coming year? Rafael is almost certain to be due a rise from 89 to 90 or even 91??? Piszcek and Van Der Wiel I am unsure...although I should hope that Van Der Wiel would rise to 91 now that he is playing with PSG? Thoughts???
  5. As the title says... AUBAMEYANG or LOPEZ Adrian? Lopez Adrian is cheaper on my game world (both external clubs) - is there a reason for this? Is Aubameyang a much better prospect?
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  7. I am looking for a young, versatile CB/DM to improve my newly promoted Portsmouth squad. Based on the money I have to spend, I have singled out these three players as potential purchases for the new season. They are all owned by external clubs, but I won't be able to afford a player that may be better than these three. Which player stands out the most among the three? Why player will have more of a chance to rise based on any transfer rumours? Any other advice in deciding between these players?
  8. Re: RB/CB to replace Hugo Campagnaro Yanga-Mbiwa definitely looks like a decent option. There is some talk that he will move in the summer as well...!
  9. Re: RB/CB to replace Hugo Campagnaro His player rating has been decreasing since 2011 though...surely it would be better to invest in someone that has a good chance of rising? I feel that if I bought Albiol I would be in the same position that I would be if I had of kept Campagnaro...
  10. I am looking to replace Hugo Campagnaro from my Napoli squad. Although he has a player rating of 90 for his RB/CB position, I feel that this rating may decrease in the not too distant future because of his old age. Can anyone suggest a decent RB/CB that I can bring into my squad as his replacement? I am happy to replace him for a younger player rated 88-89 if there is high confidence that the new player will rise in the near future (December-ish?) to 90-91... Papastathopoulos, Smalling and Otamendi are the kinda of players I am looking at, but I am unsure as to whether these players will rise in the future and by how much? Also, how do I decide which player out of these three would be best? Van Der Wiel and Rafael are also a possibility given their RB position, and their potential to rise...but they don't have CB as their secondary position. I may decide player-exchange MAGGIO for one of these two though? Any thoughts? Are there any other players that could be recommended instead of the ones I have suggested above?
  11. Re: Pompey Promoted - Squad Changes? Thanks for the help and advice guys, I am going to read into both your suggestions and see what I can come out with. I've managed to propose an offer for Mandzukic (trading Varney and Santos) which I hope will go through. AURTENETXE is proving difficult to buy via player-trades (their chairman values the deal less!) so i am think about perhaps making an offer for Salvatore Bochetti instead. Any thoughts on this player? Will he rise in the future at all? Or should I do everything I can to sign Aurtenetxe?? The other defenders you mentioned are unavailable in my game world except Jesus Juan...but I want a solid defender immediately rather than later! I have also looked into some rising talents for the future and have decided that I will be spending a large chunk of my current transfer budget on buying some guaranteed rising stars! Now it is just a case of finding some suitable replacements for the following players: Ben Haim Ashdown Lawrence Mullins Keirrison (since I am buying Mandzukic, I have decided I don't really need Keirrison and will happily replace him for someone else)
  12. After my very first season playing Soccer Manager I have successfully secured an automatic promotion within the English Championship League, coming 2nd behind Cardiff. I hope to improve my squad for the new season that will start in the next couple weeks. Here is a list of my current First Team Squad. I plan on selling/trading the players in BOLD for some replacements, which I will note below. *Note: I use 3-5-2 most often, but this can change depending on my opponent. Gk - Storari 88 CB/RB - Maicon 89 Def - Ben Haim 84 <-- Definite Sell CB/RB - Sokratis 884 DM/CM - Garcia 89 AM/Wing - Oscar 87 RM/Wing - Leon 88 AM/CM - Micael 88 Fwd/Wing - Huseklepp 85 <-- Replace? Fwd/Wing - Callejon 88 CF - Keirrison 85 <-- Replace? Subs: Gk - Ashdown 83 <-- Replace? Fwd/AM - Santos 83 <-- Definite Sell Fwd/Wing - Varney 83 <-- Definite Sell CM/DM - J. Spearing (LOAN) 85 Wing - Lawrence 84 DM/RB - Mullins 84 DM/Def - Agalarov 84 Fwd/Wing - Maguire (LOAN) 82 GOALKEEPER: Should I look to replace Ashdown for a better substitute goalkeeper? If so, who would be a good option? DEFENCE: I have singled out Ivan Marcano (CB/LB) as a possible purchase at 5.6m because I feel that I need to bring a new, highly rated LB/CB/DEF into my squad (they must be able to play at LB incase I decide to use 4 at the back) What is the general opinion of this player? Does he have potential to rise/fall/stay the same? IS there anybody else that would be better suited for my squad? WING/AM: I feel this area is quite strong already. Any thoughts? Fwd/CF: Both Kerrison and Callejon were joint-top goal scorers in Division two (20 a piece!). I feel that I could potentially keep both my star forwards, however I am also wondering if it would be a good idea to trade/sell one of my stars (most likely Keirrison) in order to bring in a better forward, perhaps one rated 89-90ish, that has potential to rise? Any thoughts/suggestions? Ofcourse if I was to do this, perhaps recommending a player that can play as both a fwd and an AM/WING? SUBSTITUTES: Obviously they need to be replaced when I have the cash. How important is it that I do this sooner rather than later? Any good recommendations? I have 6.7m in the bank as a result of my strong form in the league. This of course can aid in the rebalancing of my new Division 1 squad. Any help or suggestions will be great guys!
  13. Re: LB's: Radu or Armero? No need to be sorry, I enjoy a large explanation! Thanks for the advice, I will think about what I want to do.
  14. Re: THE PROTÉGÉ - The Battle for the Big Break Interesting...are you going to PM the forum account or game account?... Edit: Nevermind, i managed to answer my own question
  15. Re: Free Clubs? Post Them Here! Standard Game World Game World ID: 121874 24/40 Clubs Available: Ajax Athletic Club Boca Juniors Celtic CSKA Estudiantes Internacional Lille Marseille PSV Rubin Schalke Sevilla Shakhtar Villareal Zenit The season has not officially started yet, so there is still time to take control of a club and join in on the fun!
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