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  1. Re: The Middle East & Africa Challenge Transfer News & Match Reports Chelski lose Ballack! Chelsea CM and German Skipper Micheal Ballack has signed for The Red Demons, Ballack comepleted his move last night at the early hours of Sunday morning. Ballack walking into Hapoel this morning. Ballack has signed on a 5 year deal which will keep him at the club for the rest of his career. Manager Luke Tudor gave our reporters a few words. "I am very excited of having someone like Ballack to hold up the Midfield, Ballack will also take the captains armband this season" Also to secu
  2. Hey, i was just wondering if anyone knows who i can sign who isnt to young and isnt to old for a fairly cheap price.. i was thinking ballack aurelio ezquerro so far but im not sure.. so if anyone could help id appreciate it thanks. i have 2m and loads of players to P.E
  3. Re: Petter Lennartsson- A young man grabbing the headlines Good finds sheva, will be buying them on my clubs!
  4. Re: The Middle East & Africa Challenge Transfer News & Match Reports Hapoel Seel Deal Hapoel tel aviv have today announced that they have seeled the deal for Brazilian Left back, Fabio Aurelio. Hapoel had the chance to sign the Brazilian after reports speculated Aurelio was unhappy at Liverpool, and that with the possibility of Dossena signing for The Reds, Aurelio was pushed away from the club. Aurelio set Hapoel 5M back from their 16,3M transfer kitty. Also to sign was 31 year old, Santiago Ezquerro for a small sum of 1,8M. Manager Luke Tudor, has worked with Ezqu
  5. Re: The Middle East & Africa Challenge Transfer News & Match Reports New Man at Red Demons! Hapoel Tel Aviv have today announced they have sacked manager Eli Guttman, and brought in new man Luke Tudor for the job. The Red Demons have also quit the Ligat ha'Al to join The middle East & African challenge. Our interviewer asked Luke a few questions. What do you think to the club? "To be honest, i have had my eye on hapoel for a long time now, and it just feels amazing for my dream to come true!" What transfers are you planning to make in this turn of the season?
  6. Re: Team application-Africa+MiddleEast ok, thanks
  7. Re: Team application-Africa+MiddleEast Did i get hapoel luke ?
  8. Re: Lionel Messi yeah he made one about gerrard being a LM too.
  9. In my setup there is alot of teams available, inc madrid and many others. if you want to join you can just ask me and i will unlock the setup. all unmanaged teams are untouched apart from porto and madrid which have bought players. thanks, Tudor 08
  10. Re: Funny SM Private Messages haha thats a good one!
  11. Re: Some Players Who Are Not On The DB im with sheva here, great scouting. Rep from me:)
  12. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here!
  13. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! ok, fine. I just am angry that you have said that when eddie and ben are taking time in their own lives to do stuff for people.
  14. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! i would rep you ben:D but i need to spread some, sorry. Good work though!
  15. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! you and ben deserve every point mate, WELL DONE!
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