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  1. Marcus

    Hello world!

    Claudio Cesare Prandelli in SM world!
  2. Re: Official Gold Championship 194 Thread sevilla here
  3. Re: Official Gold Championship 194 Thread Sevilla here.
  4. Re: Tacticians' setup I didn't put the setup number! Setup 77705.
  5. Buy players 70 rated only. Prizes that do not worth the fuel of getting there to take them. All squads begin empty and a few bucks to get some players. This is the setup where the only factor which could give you pride is that you won by tactics. Some of the better managers have, allready, taken teams. See you there.
  6. Tacticians-only setup With only 70 rated to buy and prizes that do not worth the fuel to and get them, the only factor to give you pride in setup 77705 is that you can take your place by tactics only. I'm looking forward meeting great managers!
  7. Re: couple questions regarding the second topic.. friendlies are only for testing. no game feature is included except the rating and morale. that is for the purpose of gaining a match result. (imo)
  8. Hello evryone, i'm trying to make a setup. I want a "tactics only" setup. therefore i'm planning on empty squads, give the people a little cash to buy players no better than 70rtd and GO. But it won't go. It gets me out of stage 5 (final stage) and shows my that i can make a setup. Q. What is the problem here? Q. Could it be fixed. Thanx!
  9. Re: "attendance" question !!! Well.. seems the same problem. There is a difference thou: other, less successful and unmanaged teams, seem to get almost max attendance. But all in all the same. Do you or anyone know what is ait all about?! My opinion is that it brings to the raisers' issue to get emphasysed. On the "raisers' issue" I have also doubts but it's another thread i guess.
  10. I manage Flamengo! I won 3 1st league championships and 1 runner-up. I added 1 Cup and its runner-up. I brought the best players in the whole world to play for this club. What do i have to do more to get those Brasileiros out of their homes and watch Mengo. The average attentance is realy shameful. What is realy peculiar is the fact that most of the successful teams in the 1st div. are having the same problem: More success less attendance. Can someone tell me what is it all about please?
  11. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers I'd like to open a custom league which will involve practicaly only israeli teams. That means an israeli league. I seek for managers. Seek me out if you're interested and a serious manager, at: Claudio Cesare Prandelli Fiorentina Custom Game World (1590) Tugalhada Soccer League thanx for applying
  12. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers There is a great setup with those rules: 1.No buying players rated over 85 2.Cannot do cash transfers over £10m. 2.Transfer window ONE between Turn 1 and Turn 4 2.Manager must login to this Game World at least every 14 days There will be a possibility of being one of the best managers in no time because there is'nt a possibilty that managers would snatch the best players and all setup-newbies given leftovers.. If a team has not yet over 85 rated players they have a good sum of money to buy and prepare for the improvements coming up everyti
  13. Re: League locked and manager gone! Look, I dont want to buy it. i just thought making it public so not only 9 manag. will play it! I don't mind winning 2/3 championships.. even if i don't have all the best players in the setup like the bigshots in it!
  14. The league owner is gone i.e dosn't play anymore (verified for weeks). but his league is still locked. I would appreciate if someone opened it. the league's link is : Ben Parr's league of legends
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