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  1. Re: Daniele SODDIMO I agree but as he's on loan from Sampadoria (SP?) If he impresses on loan he may get some playing time when he returns from his loan.
  2. Re: Forum Improvement - Suggestion >> Please Look Great idea should be really useful
  3. Re: Arne Nilis Pretty good find. Rep to you. Good if someone had some stats
  4. Re: Need Serious Help! I am/was. It's my friends account which used to be mine. It's joint now, but I did all the work.
  5. With my brother we decided to take on a small challenge to take 2 teams up to the premiership in 2 season (in league 3 so 2 back to back promotions) I took over Leicester while my bro took Leeds. http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=102980&clubid=2962527&sid=5959 That above is my team. But we are coming into the last two games and I've drawn them both basically slipping up in the league and losing top spot. I need a formation to almost guaranty me 2 from 2. I have won the English Cup using 3-5-2. Which is my formation used through out the season. Hav
  6. Re: Vladimir weiss I thought he scored the free kick in the second leg of the final as well.
  7. Re: European superstars Good Scouting Repped you (at some point) Looking forward to your Spain, Italy and Portugal player when you get around to them. [TS]
  8. Re: A Few Rating that Are Unfair You are obviously bias to Liverpool, they wouldn't be 2nd? Newcastle 4th?! They can barely get into the top have. And they have a bit of money, most clubs do. Chelsea were just before Abramovich (sp?) took over. So how can you say that. Man U have tons of money as do Liverpool, 20 - 30 million on one player and you think they don't have money? Arsenal have money just choose not to spend it, and they bring youths through there system and I think some of it is pretty **** good!!! Liverpool really, have 2 good players, Torres and Gerrard, if they didn't hav
  9. Re: A Few Rating that Are Unfair Ok, I think Rooney is overrated and that is my opinion and i'll tell you why, when he first came around he was supposed to be a wonder kid maybe that is why I think he is overrated because in my opinion he isn't that player. Not yet anyway, and I hope he proves me wrong. But ATM I wouldn't class as amazing because he does good for Man U but not England. He's good, but would I could him top class, well certainly not with the way he plays for England. Gerrard is overrated, and Lampard is a bit Gerrard should have got a decrease and I'm not sure Torres should
  10. Re: A Few Rating that Are Unfair I know but they have done most of Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool's players.
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