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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I've been desperately trying to sign Reus, Lewandowski and Gotze for a while now but the manager just comes back with pointless counter offers, for example Messi and Pique for Reus.

    He's recently came in for Cavani, for a mere £30M. Pretty low considering I offered him £40M for Reus, £40M for Lewandowski and £65M for Gotze.

    Instead, I rejected and offered him Cavani and £15M for Gotze. I have a pretty good feeling he'll reject, but may be tempted by Cavani for either Reus/Lewandowski. I'm tempted to pick Reus, anyone think I should pick Lewa?

    I don't feel Cavani will rise in France, despite probably keeping his 93 I'd rather have Reus/Lewa who will probably hit 94 at some point.

  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I can buy Fred Santos who seems to get mentioned a lot on here lately. I don't really understand why he's so hyped so does anyone care to elaborate?

    I've offered David Lopez(83) and Fransesco Fedato(82) so it would be a good deal even if he never had potential, but I'd rather get a player in with potential so need to know about this guy.

    Alternatively, I could offer 4M and the two above mentioned for Draxler.

  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Tom Cleverley or 7Million + Matthew Lowton and Ashley Westwood.

    I have Cleverley' date=' I'm only Bradford and it's only the second season. The £7M would be handy but the players would only be used for rotation in my team.[/quote']

    I countered this to 15M. Should I accept? My midfielder so far consists of;


    FLORENZI, Alessandro

    MARRONE, Luca

    RAFINHA, Alcántara

    BORJA, García

    LÓPEZ, David

    SIVRIC, Matej

    BRUMA, Armindo

    And on loan:


    ZAHA, Wilfried

    Note, I am only Bradford and it's only the second season so the squad isn't amazing.

    AUBAMEYANG, Pierre-Emerick is available for 8.9M

    Alex Sanchez is available for 13M - Is he a safe 92?

    Ogbonna is available for 8.5M.

    Or if you could think of any youngsters with a decent rating who will rise soon be soon to let me know. I do have youngsters I'm interested in but they've all been flogged off by a new manager and I never had the funds at the time.

  4. Re: 5 most under/overrated players (89+) on sm

    It seems people think Rooney is over-rated and Mata is under-rated. How?

    Rooney had a really poor season according to some, yet got 12 prem goals and 10 assists.

    Mata had an "amazing season" scoring 11 and assisting 17 times.

    Ok, he contributed more but he also played 700 minutes more. They both played virtually the same role. I would agree that Mata should probably be 94, but Rooney is a 95.

    Bale is over-rated, as is Neymar.

  5. Re: Riferimento: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    T. Muller available in an external team.

    10 managers bidding for him.

    My balance is 50 M.

    How much should I offer?

    all my balance or I can get him for something less?

    Go for the full 50M, he should rise to 94.

    I purchased him with one of my teams for 39M when there were just 3 of us bidding. Could have been more but Ozil/Suarez/Lahm were also available so the GW was battling it out for all 4.

  6. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions

    Future ratings/Worth Keeping?

    Paul Pogba

    Stephan El Shaarawy

    Francesco Fedato

    Allesandro Florenzi

    Jesus Juan

    Luca Marrone

    Jherson vergara

    Marco Spinosa

    Domenico Berardi

    Vasconcelos Gabriel

    M'baye Niang

    Marco Benassi

    Appelt Gabriel

    Luca Crecco

    Angelo Ogbonna

    ^ :confused:

  7. Re: Dwight GAYLE - 67 rated Wing/Fwd

    A txt from my mate not read nothing of it lol' date=' Thought it was a bit much tbh haha.

    Still good move I think anyway.[/quote']

    You do wonder where papers get their information from.



  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    i was offered rooney for my lewandowski and m'vila. what do you think?

    I don't like M'Villa. Bit of a risk, isn't he also banned from the NT for a few years?

    I would take Rooney, he still scored 12 premiership goals and had 10 assists which isn't bad considering he had a "terrible" season. He's changing position so much it can't be easy for him, especially with RVP coming in and becoming fans favorite. A move away will see Rooney back to his old self.


    Can't find a thread for the Swiss Super League, so what are everyones opinions on

    Fabian Schar

    Arlind Ajeti

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