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  1. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Future ratings/Worth Keeping? Paul Pogba Stephan El Shaarawy Francesco Fedato Allesandro Florenzi Jesus Juan Luca Marrone Jherson vergara Marco Spinosa Domenico Berardi Vasconcelos Gabriel M'baye Niang Marco Benassi Appelt Gabriel Luca Crecco Angelo Ogbonna
  2. /ignore, sorted.
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Who is the best out of these, position doesn't matter. MARTINS INDI, Bruno OGBONNA, Angelo WILLEMS, Jetro VILHENA, Tonny BRUNO, Massimo MAHER, Adam All soon to be available as the manager has left. I know Ogbonna is older than the others but heavily linked with Juve.
  4. Re: Vidic and Rooney Rooney deserves his rating, but Vidic doesn't. Anyone who calls Rooney over rated is stupid.
  5. Re: Mata or Oscar Mata all day long.
  6. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Not keen on the font mate, and the outer glow is probably too thick for my liking. But thats all down to personal preferences. Have you seen @Footygraphs? I believe thats the @. They are terrible but make so much money, looks like a good market to break into if you can get the followers.
  7. Re: many youth players The worst thing is when someone comes on to the forum asking for help because they signed every player under the age of 21 and don't know a single thing about them.
  8. Re: Top up and coming young players to own what about cheap low rated players who will be decent money makers for little teams with low budget?
  9. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions What rating can be expected for Marrone?
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Is Sven Bender worth buying? Offered Borja and Ben Yedder. Only want him if he'll rise, if not I'll find someone else.
  11. Oxlade Chamberlain; I wanted to buy Insigne, first up I offered Moreno Rodrigo but it got negotiated back to the Ox. Insigne and the Ox are both good, but I can't see the Ox hitting 90 any time soon(ok he did ok against Brazil but he was useless v ROI). Who is the better option? Should I get rid of the Ox for Insigne or keep Ox? I know nothing on Insigne such as performances as I do the Ox. Varane; Now this is a counter offer. First I got offered Howedes who I would take & Carroll who is useless, but I negotiated it to Nastasic and Draxler. If he accepts, should I take Nastasic and Drax or keep Varane? Or should I try get say Nast/Howedes, Drax/Howedes? It is quite a competitive GW. If I sell them I doubt I'll be able to get them back in the future.
  12. Re: Thomas Ince Sign him/keep him.
  13. Re: Next rating changes for my Man U ? Left a lot of the youth team out.
  14. Re: Future ratings ; Keep/Sell RAKYTSKIY, Yaroslav BANEGA, Éver DE JONG, Siem DAMIÃO, Leandro AURTENETXE, Jon DJIMSITI, Berat SISSOKO, Moussa XHAKA, Granit KOKE, Jorge VAN GINKEL, Marco MICHU, Pérez HENLEY, Adam DE VRIJ, Stefan CAULKER, Steven HOBAN, Tommie ELY, Rodrigo KANE, Todd BYRAM, Sam GEIS, Johannes GORETZKA, Leon VAN TRICHT, Wannes CENTURIÓN, Ricardo RUIZ, Alan ALLIONE, Agustín TASSI, Lorenzo BERARDI, Domenico RABEN, Mads INSIGNE, Roberto Sell the bold. Can't help on the ones I haven't heard of.
  15. Re: Miralem pjanic, sakho, menez, pastore, next rating changes please??? A chance of +1 for them all.
  16. Re: Fwds help Balotelli Jovetic.
  17. Re: ronaldo and isco for messi It's your tactics; my last two games Anyhow, I would probably do it because Ronaldo is 28, it's not old but it's not exactly young.
  18. Re: Which is a bigger talent ? Neymar or Gotze ? Gotze. Neymar shouldn't even be 91. Gotze has proved himself and Neymar has yet too. He was even in Gary Cahills back pocket for the whole game against England a few months ago.
  19. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Strangely enough I have a Bristol Rovers in a competitive GW with a similar list of players there. Keep the bold ones. Anyone else I am unsure on/get rid. Included Dwight Dayle because he's been excellent, will be an interesting summer regarding him and Peterborough.
  20. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) Not fair on smaller teams, you still need to do something regarding stadiums. I have a few small teams with small stadiums, competing against the likes of Man United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool etc. They all have massive stadiums, but I have to deal with a 25,000. How am I supposed to compete? I'm now losing even more money. I support the 50/50 wage idea, but I am pleading with you to add an upgrade re stadiums and size, also as to how well the club are doing. I have a Bistol Rovers, two successive promotions and league titles, yet we average around 13,000/25,000, despite being top at the moment. In this league, there is a Liverpool, Everton and Villa in my division who got relegated and still basically get a full house at home. Aswell as that, I also have another Bristol Rovers who haven't had a stadium increase, do you know how hard it is to compete with the "big boys" in a 13,000 capacity stadium? I don't fill that either. Maybe also add a reason to keep your youth players, like a reserve league added into the GW. At the moment there is no reason to keep youth players, which is why they are sent out on loan.
  21. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? I'd sell the bold ones.
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