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  1. Re: Messi 100? Messi isn't a lot better than Ronaldo, considering he has Xavi and Iniesta.
  2. Re: My Gotze or his Neymar Keep Gotze. Neymar hasn't, and IMO won't be able to live up to the hype that surrounds him when he moves.
  3. Re: Dwight GAYLE - 67 rated Wing/Fwd A goal to his name today, only at HT. Edit: Just got another with just under 40 minutes left.
  4. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 What are everyones views on Sturridge, Evans, Oscar, Santon, The Ox and Cleverley? My best rated prem players. Not too sure on Sturridge. Despite not always being the best, Evans has to be within a shout of 90? He's starting. Oscar I can see a +2/3, Santon I'm not really sure. Have had him since he was 75 rated and haven' really checked up on him since his move to Newcastle. The Ox and Cleverley again I can see a +2/3?
  5. Re: big mid risers.... Ogbonna, Florenzi, Tachtsidis, Obiang, Jesus Juan, Immobile to name a few. Only to 87 for now though, tops.
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread If Arsene goes, so does top 4 for Arsenal, IMO.
  7. Re: a heads up on the new external/unmanaged loans feature! "The loan deal for Kurt ZOUMA involving Bristol City has collapsed as the chairman of Bristol Rovers has refused to let such a talented player go on loan." What is the point, or even the logic from this? If I had a player who was talented, but he wasn't currently at the level to get into my team surely the best thing to do would be to loan him out?
  8. Re: Restucturing wage system as a alternative to squad caps/hoarding etc...
  9. Re: -Romain Alessandrini- Suppose the question now is, is he worth keeping hold off?
  10. Re: Restucturing wage system as a alternative to squad caps/hoarding etc... Don't support, although I want something done about player hogging. This would ultimately destroy the small teams who have built their way up. What would get my support is the same concept, except the better rating of players you have would also depend on the income, merchandise sells, stadium being re-developed etc. Big teams will not get stadium upgrades in this situation, they won't be earning any extra but it's fairer for the small clubs who can they financially compete with the big boys as they will have that extra bit of income.
  11. Re: Angelo OGBONNA to rise? All I know is that he's mentioned quite a bit on the forums, so I snapped him up for most my teams.
  12. Re: Gold Championship 251 QPR end pre-season on a high QPR were unbeaten in the 10 of their pre-season games, scoring 44 and winning 9. QPR drew against Italian giants Roma in a 1-1 draw, but ran rampant in their other 9 games. QPR now look forward to the start of the season with their first game aganst Southampton tomorrow night, and expect a win.
  13. Re: Counter formations Third attempt at the playoffs tonight, to finally get into division 1. Only this time my team looks weaker than it did last season, despite the better players I've brought in due to injury, suspensions and fitness levels... Hoping the 3-5-2 which I have stuck with all season anyway does me well against a 4-4-2.
  14. Re: more realistic games. Tbh, I know where you're coming from. My Bristol Rovers have gone on a bad run of form and slipped out of the top two, where we had been comfortably sat all season and will now have to make division 1 via the playoffs, again. With a 95 rated team though, I would expect to win 9/10 games. There must be something wrong in your tactics. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=94042 Use that thread to counter your upcoming opponents. Have a reshuffle of your tactics.
  15. Re: more realistic games. If your team has a average rating of 95, and you're always losing you're doing something wrong. A Barcelona manager in one of the GW's i'm in is exactly the same. He's in 5th I believe, and has the strongest team in the league. Theres also 2 unmanaged clubs above him! I'm not complaining though, I win everything
  16. Re: People not responding to transfer offers What I hate is the managers who log in every 29 days or so, just to keep their club. They don't buy players, sell players, anything. They just keep their club and hog all the good players they have.
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