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  1. Re: What is the point of the "Illegal?" button if SM doesn't do anything about it You have to realise, Ben Arfa isn't a bad player himself, and the player might not care too much about youth. It happens, not every manager is out for the young players. I've joined new GW's and purchased the better players for as low as I can. I never heard of Verratti before I started re-using this forum, many others are the same.
  2. Re: Limit The Number of Players This has to be sorted out, makes the game boring. Player hogg zzzZzZZzzzZzzzz
  3. Re: Big help needed... Thanks. A few of them are rumored to rise during their next rating changes, so should I wait till then or is there no chance of them rising?
  4. If you could just let me know the potential of some players, who to sell, who to sell after they rise etc. Will be appreciated Bare in mine it's quite a competitive EC, so selling one of the better players who may not have a decent potential would be hard to replace. Thanks in advance M'VILA, Yann EVANS, Jonny STURRIDGE, Daniel SHAQIRI, Xherdan HOLTBY, Lewis RODRIGO, Moreno SANTON, Davide VARANE, Raphaël OSCAR, Emboaba OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN, Alex EL SHAARAWY, Stephan CLEVERLEY, Tom GUILAVOGUI, Josuha CLYNE, Nathaniel FLORENZI, Alessandro OGBONNA, Angelo NIANG, M'baye MARKOVIC, Lazar ARÉOLA, Alphonse GARÉOLA, Alphonse VLACHODIMOS, Odisseas RAFINHA, Alcántara TACHTSIDIS, Panagiotis ZOUMA, Kurt OCAMPOS, Lucas ANDRADE, Victor ALCACER, Paco JESÉ, Rodríguez POLO, Andy POHJANPALO, Joel ESPINOSA, Javi LUKAKU, Jordan DEPAY, Memphis MATTHEUS, Oliveira HENRÍQUEZ, Ángelo HAZARD, Thorgan CASILLAS, Giovani YEŞIL, Samed GUSTAVO, Luís GABRIEL, Appelt BEN YEDDER, Wissam KHEDIRA, Rani CAN, Emre BERARDI, Domenico AJETI, Arlind MANQUILLO, Javi CLAYTON, Max DIJKS, Mitchell
  5. Re: Sterling, Wisdom and Suso Sterling 84 Suso 81 Wisdom - Haven't really paid attention too, so won't state my opinion.
  6. Re: Lucas Moura Would definitely do the Alba deal if I were in that position!
  7. Re: Loans from Unmanaged clubs I'm in quite a competitve, old EC, it's not talked about on the forums, so it's a pretty rare GW tbh. This new loan system has screwed me over. All the 90+ players have been took, and being a small team I have to reply on youth players etc to be the future of my team. With a 13,000 seater stadium, I've had to reshuffle players, sell some of the better youngsters etc, try to buy them back again once I've made more money and etc. Basically, I couldn't player hog all these young players like the big teams could afford to, such as United, City, Arsenal, Chelsea, basically anyone with a decent stadium size. Now this system, it allows them to loan out all these youngsters, player hogging for as long as they want, and make money. They don't have to sell, because now they can loan out every youth player and have more money coming into the club from matches as they won't be paying the wages. This little update could be the end of what was a really enjoyable gameworld, of which I have been part of for the best part of three years. (With breaks, forgetting to sign in, losing the club for a while, etc). Anyway, what i'm saying is that this needs to be redone. Yes, I can loan players out and save money, but i'm still losing money. Clubs will now hog on to players, the game world will turn into one of those where eventually everyone leaves till theres 7 or so left, and every club will have a lot of money. Boring. As they say in real life, the big teams get bigger and the small teams struggle along...
  8. Re: Lazar Markovic - a future star in making Just resigned him Now onto resigning Pogba, of which will be tough seeing as half the GW is interested... By half I mean 5.
  9. Re: -Romain Alessandrini- You got rid of Ince though! Making a bid now
  10. Re: Riferimento: My subotic for el shaarawy +15
  11. Re: George Long - The next Joe Hart? We gave you a fright for a minute or two, eh Good report. He's already been snapped up in my GW though so time to try my luck...
  12. Re: Riferimento: xavi deal "Hey guys.. I am wondering about getting xavi.. 6 mio + Lucas Leiva + Kevin Gameiro .. is that good deal ?" Stupidity level ∞
  13. Who's in? QPR here. Now that I've actually spent some of my SM credits which were just sat there doing nothing I may stay in a GC for once. Good luck everyone
  14. Re: Oscar or Kagawa? Depends if you need someone to get in your first team straight away. If so, go for Kagawa. If you are doing it just for the potential of the player, go for Oscar.
  15. Re: Potential Buuumpppppppp
  16. Re: Tiote and Ben Arfa/Gaitan = Rami? I would take Tiote and Ben Arfa. Saying that I know nothing about the player you are selling or the optional player.
  17. Just need help on the potential of the following. I do have knowledge about the players from the BPL, but sticking them in just to gather some more opinions. Unsure 21+ players M'VILA, Yann - 91 - ? No idea how he's playing CLARK, Ciaran - 85 - ? Have had since he was 75, he's been at 85 for a while though. Don't mind if I have to sell, he doesn't start or make the bench for me. Better of the youth squad SHAQIRI, Xherdan - 89 - ? No idea how he's playing VARANE, Raphaël - 87 - ? No idea how or if he's playing STURRIDGE, Daniel - 89 - ? Playing regularly, how is he playing though? EVANS, Jonny - 89 - ? Same as Sturridge HOLTBY, Lewis - 88 - ? No idea how he's playing SANTON, Davide - 87 - ? No idea how he's playing, or if. Have had him since he was 75 so i'll make a profit if i sell now anyway. RODRIGO, Moreno - 87 - ? Apparently playing well, not a follower of Benfica though so unsure. OSCAR, Emboaba - 87 - ? Could be in for a 90? CLEVERLEY, Tom - 86 - ? I know he's playing now, unsure on potential rating EL SHAARAWY, Stephan - 86 - ? Shot of 89? OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN, Alex - 86 - ? Same as El Shaarawy Some of the lower rated youth players; RAFINHA, Alcántara - 83 - ? No idea how or if he's playing ZOUMA, Kurt - 83 - ? No idea how or if he's playing DIABY, Abdoulaye - 81 - ? No idea how or if he's playing ANDRADE, Victor - 80 - ? Starting for Santos I believe. ALCACER, Paco - 80 - ? No idea how or if he's playing POLO, Andy - 80 - ? No idea how or if he's playing JESÉ, Rodríguez - 80 - ? No idea how or if he's playing Too many players, too lazy to list every single one. Would say these are the best out of the bunch though. If you wanna give me advice on everyone just check out EC2690 for my Bristol Rovers Thanks in advance
  18. Re: Who will be the next best? Neymar, Gotze or Hazard?
  19. Re: CB/LB Risers What rating increase will Ogbonna get?
  20. Re: Valencia or ivanovic There are plenty of attacking options in the world, but there aren't as many defenders who could have a rating increase to, as you said you feel, 94. Not sure what he will increase to, but if you think he'll make 94 go for it.
  21. Re: Who will be the next best? Neymar, Gotze or Hazard? Neither will become the best in the world. Best chance goes to Hazard though IMO. Neymar won't cut it in a tough league. Mark my words. Haven't seen much of Gotze to comment tbh.
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