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  1. Re: New way to deal with concerns Don't like this, at all. For people who enjoy taking over little clubs, and taking them to the club this has just ruined it. Little clubs have small stadiums, so the income is none. I'm losing 700K per away game, and 200Kish at home. Doesn't seem like much, but this is after I cut my squad down from about 100 players. I don't want to be blackmailed by players, in order for my club to be successful.
  2. Re: 3000 Free sm credits! I would unlink the payment method from your facebook straight away mate' date=' I did the same. Awhile ago my mum had payments in excess of well over £300 took out to Facebook, for stuff we wasn't even paying for. My brother bought something for £7, and they continued to take out money or something. Anyhow, we got it all back but I will no longer leave a payment method on Facebook. Not to frighten you, as it may be different but just a little heads up. Sorry mate, planning on buying a custom game world sooner or later.
  3. Re: 3000 Free sm credits! Tried it all mate, nothing different at all. http://gyazo.com/d5a3fe823b6a527c8cd8a126e31b9089.png Edit: Got it, no idea why! This is the location http://gyazo.com/e8807b59324acba3eff1937b43271081
  4. Re: 3000 Free sm credits! I am unable to scroll up anymore' date=' there's nothing there. [url']http://gyazo.com/c2bd1ac60ab1678abeceb412dce61c2f[/url]
  5. Re: 3000 Free sm credits! WHEREEEEEEEE? http://gyazo.com/b2a7956ea563753611963eee31d02c75 Can't post it as a image cause it' too big and makes the page look weird.
  6. A problem I have, being a small team in a high league is my stadium. It seats 13,000. Just a mere improvement of 1100 capacity in the 9 seasons or so since the start of the GW. I would just suggest, being able to request an upgrade, or being able to purchase upgrades with your transfer budget. It really is silly how I am unable to compete for a whole season because I have to move players on because of how much money we're losing, and I'm obviously not the only manager with this problem. It's actually a great little achievement taking a team from the bottom division to the top, but to watch it all be undone because your stadium is useless...
  7. Re: 3000 Free sm credits! I have tweeted them asking where it would be located, and if it was just a 3 hour or so offer, maybe if some others could do the same we might get an answer
  8. Re: 3000 Free sm credits! It's not on my screen either, at all.
  9. Re: Youth squad; Who to keep? Sorry for bumping, would appreciate the help though
  10. I have a rather large squad with a Bristol Rovers team, losing about 800K every week. Anyhow, only got 400K left and a lot of my team still haven't rose and are just about to end their transfer ban. Basically, who are the best risers out of this lot, who will get a rise soon so i'll keep anyway and who should I get rid off? Sorry it's images, makes it easier. If you can help it would be much appreciated though
  11. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread TSV 1860 München manager here . Started the season off well with a 3-2 away win over a stronger Hertha BSC side. Signed 11 players so far, 10 of which i'm just waiting to rise before selling them on. The other player was Xavi Torres from Levante. The Levante manager and myself were at this for a while, with my initial 7M bid getting negotiated to 13M. I went up to 9.5M, but after he again negotiated the offer to 12M i decided to pull out. Suprised to see the Levante manager then offered Xavi Torres to me for 9.5M Coup! Tried bringing some players in on loan, but I missed out on the better ones. Richie Towell had agreed to join the club, but I decided to pull out. Failed with a 4M bid for Rickie Lambert, gone for another striker instead and should get him using up the remaining 10M of my budget. No names yet ;P
  12. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Should that not be all the way to the end? Not really feedback. Not the best at giving it but yerrr
  13. Re: Graphics Design Feedback From "Play"'s feedback I went back over it. Also, I'm not one for giving feedback. I don't feel like I can give anything that would help. A lot of the work in this thread is top notch.
  14. Re: Marco Verratti Gutted. Had a 950k bid which the Southampton manager said he would accept. Now plus 9 he wants 5M
  15. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Just put this together quickly, not the best and did miss out a few things I wanted to do as had something to attend to Took like 15 minutes, including cutting Muzzy out. Heres another one, not football related but made it yesterday.
  16. Re: Oscar For Kagawa Take Oscar and Willian
  17. Re: 30 mill for buffon Take it, he's not getting any younger.
  18. Re: .:The Official Thread Of GC 176:. Well for me, it was a choice between CE Sabadell and SC Paderborn 07. Sabadell because they share the same style kit as my beloved Bristol Rovers, and Paderborn because I went Germany like two years ago and watched them whilst I was there. Saw them secure promotion Chose... GC's are more competitive, a lot more. This is the first GC i'm gonna try and stay in and compete with other managers. Haven't signed anyone at the moment... This is gonna be hard -.-
  19. Why are there no longer EC's with the full amount of teams? I would rather join a new EC, with the 5 divisions and take over a lower league team. I know theres a lot of the lower league teams available, but it's just not possible for you to take these teams over and compete as all the current youngsters within the game have mostly been took. When will the EC contain 5 divisions again?
  20. Re: Finances How about gold managers being able to interact with the board? I can't physically compete with other managers with a 13,100 capacity stadium. I've built up a good team, but lose a lot of money every week. If I could interact with the board for things such as stadium upgrades, more funds etc. You'd think when you're losing £1,000,000 a week the board would just see common sense and upgrade the stadium...
  21. Re: The New Players Thread Jacob Andersen was added to the DB today. 16 and rated 75, plays for Randers FC. Thats all I have on him. Anyone know anything about him?
  22. Simple question really. I signed Guiliano for 375k back in 2009, but I don't see him as having a good enough future. I don't know much about Holtby. I've offered the straight swap, and theres no other interest and Schalke are an external club, so I would get him. Just need to know if it's worth it?
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