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  1. Re: Hopefully SM have a sense of humour..
  2. Re: Arsenal Gossip As a United fan i didnt come on here to gloat, we played Shyte to be honest. I was frustrated with some sloppy play by us and admit we are lucky to get 3 points from this...but i was lmao at Wenger at the end.
  3. Re: Summer Transfer Rumours Thread. The Barca CB situation i can see Puyol and Pique being first choice with Chy..... playing backup with Marquez and Busquets sharing the DM role while Toure and Keita are off in Africa... Shame on Milito though, great great CB.
  4. Re: Jermain DEFOE And Wayne ROONEY RISERS!!! Rooney is the most complete Forward/Footballer in World Football and is an immense player who is worthy of a 96...all he was/is lacking was the goals even though i feel he has contributed enough goals in his career (100 goals for United at 23 years old). But you will always get the blind who are quick to say he's overrated.
  5. Re: 100m New World Recored Tribute To The Greatest Athlete Ever
  6. Re: World IAAF Athletic Championships Berlin
  7. Re: 200m New World Record - Usain Bolt Greatest Athlete Ever! 9.58 100m 19.19 200m All we need is a relay GOLD.
  8. Re: 100m New World Record 9.58 Boltttttttttttt 19.19ssssssssss omggggggggggggggggg
  9. Re: World IAAF Athletic Championships Berlin Boltttttttttttt 19.19ssssssssss omggggggggggggggggg
  10. Re: World IAAF Athletic Championships Berlin Boom Bang 100m Womens Hurdles 1st & 3rd for Jamaica... Dominating all the sprint events... And 800m South African WoMAN DOMINATED getting gold with Jenny Meadows running a good 800m for Bronze..
  11. Re: 100m New World Record 9.58 BOLT done the last 100m of his 150m race in 8.4 seconds.
  12. Re: World IAAF Athletic Championships Berlin Womens 100m final - Shelly-Ann Fraser & Kerron Stewart got 1st & 2nd... Jamaica - KINGS AND QUEENS OF SPRINTING!
  13. 1) Bolt - 19.40 2) *** - 19.55 3) will say when i find out whos in the line up Another WR in 200m anyone?
  14. Re: World IAAF Athletic Championships Berlin Yohan Blake & Dexter Lee.. will be the future! Watch out for them Blake is only 19 i think and has a time of 9.93 and he will improve! A shame he couldnt make these championships.
  15. Re: 100m New World Record 9.58 National Hero! He must be bored now, with no competition. (*** does come sorta close) Hopefully 200m will be this exciting.
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