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  1. Alright, hope your well?

    A few of the “old faces” from back in the good old times are setting up a GW tht will revolve around the forum – basically we wanna get some forum based activity going to support it. It’s gonna be based on the america’s but blank squad, free for all type stuff. At the minute we have some great folks involved , heres the managers so far: -

    Machine, Swanseajack, Drseanfitz, HannahB, Pip, Elohim, Garry C, Son of Pluto, Longnose, Noisy

    I don’t want to sound like a kids tv presenter but its gonna be laugh and – with the folks we are attracting - competitive.

    Be great if you could join us? If your interested head over to : -


    and just add your name. We’ll probably cap at 16 managers so I hope I see you in there!



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