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  1. I am returning from 2 years. Also joined EC7777, had previous managed Aldershot Town
  2. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread I am managing Aldershot since 2012 (more than 2 years!), had a few bumps, a few failures, a few wins, but still far from what i want to... Since those 2 years i had the opportunity to applie to some division 1 and 2 clubs! I didn´t make it, but i still have a job to do.
  3. Re: The Politics Thread It was probably sweat.
  4. Re: The Politics Thread Ebola is not airborne, don´t worry about aerossols. Its not antrax. You have to be in contact with poop, urine, blood and other body fluids which makes it harder to get, but all it takes to get Ebola is to sit on a toilet sit in a restaurant which had sick people sat on it. Thats is one in a million. There won´t be any pandemic.
  5. Re: ||In Vetulum|| - Starting from where it ended I think the B Teams could have players under-21 + 3 veterans in the entire squad or each starting 11. By the way i think creating a B team inside the main squad where you can actually play the best youngsters (which play good for their B teams) and give them a chance, thats the beauty of having young players, sometimes a 82-rated plays better than a 92 one. So instead of having B teams, have a B team inside the A-Team. That way a owner can manage it better without having to worry about buying players under a tight budget and restrictions. When they reach 22, they either play as veterans or get loaned if desired. Thats just my 2 cents.
  6. Re: ||In Vetulum|| - Starting from where it ended I am just giving my opinion. I not yet decided if i join this GW.
  7. Re: 87+ Hey guys. I´ve been inactive for days and talked to 87+. I will continue as long as i log in frequently and stay active. Thank you for the second chance.
  8. Re: The Politics Thread Guys i was thinking... Since we all enjoy politics and debating, i was thinking. Why don´t we play a game together? Someone would be economy leader, other military leader, other policies, etc. That should be a nice experience.
  9. Re: 87+ Suso is crying you know. He doesn´t want to play at Anfields. Well he won´t play:p
  10. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen Cheers mate. I am watching nw Butterfly effect 3, didn´t care to watch the second one. When it comes to movies, the harder to understand, the better. Like i said, a movie that forces you to research and give your own interpetration is the best. Terminator is also a great time travel movies haha.
  11. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen Watched The Double yesterday. Interesting movie, loved the soundtrack. 7/10. Watched Butterfly effect as well. Have some nonsense stuff, but i give 8.5/10. I am now hooked on time travel and theory of relativity. I love films that makes us research.
  12. Re: 87+ To add in the hall of fame. Lasse Sobiech 131 (5) games played Pawel Wszolek 34 assists
  13. Re: ||In Vetulum|| - The Ultimate Gameworld I give you 1000000000000000000000 credits to be my car washer.
  14. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread If i win, i will be second place!! Congrats mate for your title.
  15. Re: 87+ I didnt change any tactics. The assistant manager did it. When i clicked the tactics tab, goretzka wasn´t in it.
  16. Re: 87+ Not being sold is my fault, but him playing, must be the assistant manager, i didn´t changed the tactics in the last game and i had injuries or suspensions, so Goretzka joined. So sorry.
  17. Re: The Random Thread I got this: More suited: 1 - Gymnastics 2 - Boxing 3 - Judo Wow the accuracy is great. I do Gymnastics based movements, i practice MMA and kickboxing which has Boxing and Judo:D Less Suited: 1 - Netball 2 - Rugby 3 - Shooting (why is that?)
  18. Re: The Politics Thread And thats why there is wars.
  19. Re: The Politics Thread Totally agreed with you. Thats why people "cry" and "cry" when they watch things on TV and talk nonsense. This conflict didn´t began days or weeks ago, this traces back to the WWI era! There is religious, politics, diplomacy, interests involved. People really needs to read rather than watch tv. With this i am not taking a side, i am just saying warfare is not as obvious as people try to do.
  20. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
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