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  1. Re: Euro 2008 Croatia - Germany 2:1 So guys what do you think now ??? Croatia will win against Spain in final 2:1 again
  2. Re: Euro 2008 Croatia - Germany 2:1 So guys what do you think now ??? Croatia will win against Spain in final 2:1 again
  3. Re: Domagoj Vida - Croatian Prospect Hy guys, He is son of well known sriker Rudika Vida who played for small Belišće and scored 30 goals (two season) in 1st div.His father was best striker in Cro who never played for big club. Domagoj Vida is very promissing player, if he comes to Dinamo his games and price will raise further. He play as a RB like Čorluka but if is needed can be used as a RM like Srna. And that is his great quality. He is good boy from football family, refuse to move to Liverpool, good carachter, money is not at the firs place.There is not so many good RB in our league,he
  4. sasmcnab


    Re: RB Vedran Čorluka ( Manchester City) will rise even further http://s1.battleknight.ba/index.php?loc=hire&ref=Mjk0NTE=
  5. Re: Srna or Anyukov For me, Srna is much better, captain in Shaktar, awesome freekick taker, one of the best players in CRO A-team http://s1.battleknight.ba/index.php?loc=hire&ref=Mjk0NTE=
  6. Hy folks, I am going to mention one hot prospects from Croatia. 1. Nikola Kalinić, striker 20 y.o. from Hajduk. This half season in 1st div. scored 13 goals from 13 matches and deserved call to national A team, but due to light injury did not made his debu. True snake in penalty area, once he scored 5 goals in 40 minutes against Andora in U-19 squad, pundits called him Croatian Ibrahimović. He will go to EURO 2008 with our A-team.
  7. Re: European superstars Well done for your work, but according to your scouting, Albania and andora will fight to death in world champinship final 2012. What means if the player is one of the best defender in Adora league, that player will be average defender in Bosnia, and he can not even play in Croatian 1st div. Again, good informations for database, but my opinion is that they will not be high quallity players, but average for sure.
  8. Re: modric or nasri http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLkTJzccW6E He is playing leading role already in his club and in A team Watch this clip.
  9. Re: modric or nasri I have seen many times Modrić on the pitch, trust me, he is modest and shy in private life but he is born leader on the ground. He will be among top ten players in the world after euro champ.
  10. Re: Who's the Best "Pure" Footballer Luka Modrić is pure footballer, he was bornleader.
  11. Hy folks, Just want to say something about Vukojević, 2 years ago he was nowhere now he is called Croatian Gatuso, but, he scores, he scores a lot. And he will be part of Cro national team in Euro cup. When he collect 75% of caps for A team in last two years he is moving to England. Wenger was scouting him before Eduardo and wanted to buy him but due to problems with workpermit he give up. He is truely great person, with strong character, without any scandals in private life. He will be star player for our national team among Modrić, Da Silva , Čorluka, Rakitić. In 2007 He scored in his debu
  12. Re: Is Anyone Likely To Increase To 98? I think only Kaka deserves 98, he is complete player, won ch.league, good personality, no skandals, he is not egoist like c.ronaldo. Also think that Casillas deserves at least 97 he is far best goalkeeper at this time. And if you ask me to choose three promissing young player, those are: Luka Modrić 91 (Dinamo Zagreb), Vedran Čorluka 89 only (Man. City), Eduardo da Silva 90 only (Arsenal)- he score 54 goals in season 06/07 for Dinamo and Croatia.
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