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  1. Re: Football Manager 2010 MY FM10: Started unmanaged and past experience set as automatic. Got offered my first job at Shrewsbury town on the 05/10/09. Shrewsbury: 05/10/2009 - 21/11/2011 Took them over when they were near rock bottom and managed to bring them up to media prediction of 8th position. With no cash to spend I had to sign in free transfers, Golebiewski was one of the best signings I made for shrewsbury. 2nd season I finished top of league 2 and won promotion to league 1. No money again so had to bring in more free transfers Mid way through 3rd season with shrewsbury and sitting comfortably in mid table I was offered the Coventry City job, I took it. Coventry City: 21/11/2011 - 20/09/2012 Coventry were sitting in the relegation zone of the championship when I took over, and after a long drawn out battle to save them, I failed, we finished 23rd and got relegated to league 1. Most of the players had relegation release clauses and the squad drastically reduced to about 6 players. I had about 3-4 million to spend and had to spend wisely, I managed to get the squad number back up bt we were lacking any real quality. Mark McAusland was one of the best at the club. Half way through my second season with Coventry I was offered the job at Hamilton, with Coventry sitting in mid table and not looking to bright for my future, I accepted the job offer. Hamilton: 20/09/2012 - 19/10/2014 Hamilton were in relegation zone in the 1st Division when I took over them and managed a great acheivement and got them to 3rd. No money again, I had to buy more free transfers, by this point the most I had spent on a player was 1 million when I was at Coventry. I brought in Chic Mullen from Rangers and a few more free transfers including Lewis Buxton from Sheff Wed. My 2nd season with Hamilton was the highlight of my career so far, winning the 1st Division and the League Challenge Cup. Half way rthrough my 3rd season with Hamilton and I was offered the Fulham job, I accepted. Fulham: 19/10/2014 - 18/08/2015 I took over Fulham when they were in the bottom half of the Championship and managed to finish 13th in the league, the only player they had that was any good was hangeland. With no money at the club I could not strengthen them so I resigned on the 18/08/2015 as they had nothing to offer me, to this date it is the shortest peiod I have ever had at any club (303 days) I was unemployed until 12/05/2016 when I was offered the Osasuna job, I accepted. Osasuna: 12/05/2016 - 08/11/2018 I had 1 game left to play in the season and was already relegated to LIGA adelante. I once again had no money to use to strenghten the team but the club was better than most in LIGA adelante and I won promotion in my first season. My 2nd season was a story of success and disapointment, I started the season amazingly winning and drawing against the big clubs (Athletico Madrid was dominating the LIGA BBVA at this point). By mid way through the season I was comfortably in mid table and still in the spanish cup. I received alot of injuries through-out the remainder of the second half of the season and finished 17th in the league, but to my surprise I made it to the Spanish cup final where I lost to real madrid. I qualified for the europa. I had around 3-4 million to spend and added depth to the squad. My 3rd season I passed the qualifying stages for the europa and was top of my group after 3 games. I was sitting comfortable in mid table of the league and unexpectably Manchester United offered me the job at Old Trafford, I accepted in one swift click of the mouse! Man Utd: 08/11/2018 - 25/06/2029 I didnt check Man utd stature before I joined and they were not the lub that they are today, they were sitting 11th in the league and had no real quality that they once had. I finished 11th in the league in my first season. I was given a good bit of cash to strenghten the MAn utd squad, abot 30-40 million. The most I had seen yet, I was extatic. I signed Henri Saivet, Jack Wilshere and Insua, Rooney was still at the squad. I also signed the star defender from Osasuna Gorka Martin as we had a good friendship together. I managed to finish 3rd in the league in my 2nd season with Man U. Again I was given 30-40 million to spend and I got Veloso for free from Real Madrid, I also signed a few good defenders that are pointless mentioning as they are players created by the computer. In my 3rd season with Man U I finished 10th in the league, which was dissapointing but I managed to win the FA cup. I was knocked out of the champions league and got ito Europa when I made it to the first knockout round. I had more than enough players and quality to mount a title challenge at this point and did not buy any players during my 4th season. In my 4th season I got to the Europa 1st knockout again and finished 1st in the league, a great acheivement. I needed a good goalkeeper and the only 1 that wanted to come to me was a 36 year old Akinfeev who I snapped up for 2.5 million In my 5th season with Man Utd I had one of the meanest defence in the league, maybe the world, and akinfeev was fantastic. I won the league for the 2nd time on the trot and I won the Champions League! In my Man utd career I won the league 7 times, the league Cup 3 time, the FA cup 3 times, the Champions league 3 times, the super cup 3 times, the club world championship twice, and the community shield 6 times. I was top of the european club list, and a Man Utd legend, It was time to move on. Rangers (my fav club) offered me a job and I accepted. Rangers: 25/06/2029 - 06/06/2031 When I took over Rangers in the premier division thaey had not won the league for 3 years and it was defintetly a league run by Celtic. In my first season I won the league and the league cup. I signed a few players to strenghten my team and won the treble in my second season. I was fed up already of the scottish league, and playing the same teams over and over again. Roma offered me a contract with 134 million transfer budget, and I accepted. Roma: 06/06/2031 - present Roma had just won the Serie A so I dont know why theyre manager left???? but they had a great squad. After a little budget adjustment I had 250 millionb to spend, first of which was to raid Man utd for the talent I had left behind. A striker that goes by the name of Gaspard Le Fur who always broke even with goals per game, i.e 35 games 35 goals, 45 games 45 goals. I signed him for Man Utd for 8.5 million and when I left them he was worth 35 million, I signed him for Roma for 90 million, and also a wicked left midfielder for 120 million from Man utd, the rest I spend on quality young depth for the squad. In my first season with Roma I won the league by a mile with Le Fur top goalscorer, won the spanish cup and made it to the Quarter finals of the champions league when Arsenal put me out. Roma are 4th best in europe with Man utd still top. Roma are also 2nd richest at about 500 million but Man utd clear at the top with 1.5 Billion. I am still with Roma but am currently looking to get a job in national management then finish my career at Dunfermline(Scottish 3rd Division) 13 days, 8 hours, 54 mins Adictedness rating: I think I should add football manager to my CV
  2. Re: New Custom GameWorld! Need Quality Managers Everyone in Milan is up for sale!
  3. Re: New Custom GameWorld! Need Quality Managers I will take atletico, I am Milan
  4. Re: New Custom GameWorld! Need Quality Managers I would like to swap Milan if anyone is interested, I want Man City!
  5. Re: New Custom GameWorld! Need Quality Managers My suggestions in red.
  6. Re: New Custom GameWorld! Need Quality Managers I would like to join. In game name: Robert Lukas (Barcelona top) I like 3 divisions of 8 if we get enough managers Cannot buy from unmanaged Transfer window first 3/4 games then again at 9/10 games Player morale on 2 teams promoted/relegated without play-offs I like the teams entered so far, maybe Wolfsburg and seville added as mentioned earlier.
  7. Re: Football Manager 2010 Resigned from Coventry, I hated the team from the very first game until the very last, even had thoughts of starting the game again so I had to get out of there! Went up until October without a job until Hamilton signed me, They are bottom of division 1 after 10 games 5 points away from second bottom Dunfermline. The good thing about this club is that they have 2.5 million for me to play about with and all they really need is a good striker and a good left back. History to date: Started unemployed Got Shrewsbury job (They were 23rd after 16 games) 1st season with Shrewsbury finished 8th 2nd season with shrewsbury finished 1st of League 2, promoted into League 1 3rd season with Shrewsbury, after 17 games sitting mid-table, 1 million in the bank, and lots of depth to the team - time to move on! Joined Coventry (They were 23rd after 16 games) 1st season with Coventry finished 23rd, relegated into League 1. 2nd season with Coventry, most of the team left to bigger clubs, rebuilt the squad but not enough cash. After 7 games sitting 7th in the league I decided to resign due to my disliking for the club. Signed for Hamilton in October
  8. Re: Football Manager 2010 Got maself a good League 1 team for Coventry now and aiming for play-offs this season, in the top 5 just now after 7 games and looking strong.
  9. Re: Football Manager 2010 'sigh' Finished my season with Coventry, I didnt save them, we got relegated to League 1 where I join my old club Shrewsbury and hopefully they dont beat me! ALL my big names left me except McArthur so now I have to build a whole new team and try and get promoted! I have 1.5million to spend on about 18 players. Back to the drawing board me thinks.
  10. Re: Football Manager 2010 Well my reign at Shrewsbury is over. After 2 years, champions of League 2 and 18 games into League 1 we were sitting 17th and looking in good shape to avoid relegation, the club has plenty of depth and players that can keep them in League 1 plus 1 million in the bank. So I have left them in a good spot to grow into a good League 1 team. Coventry offered me a nice contract at 2,100 a week and I couldnt refuse. They are 20th in the championship after 16 games and have no available cash to spend in the january window despite having 3 million in the bank. They have players such as Gary O'Connor and James McArthur and I think I can save them from relegation. Let the games begin!
  11. Re: Football Manager 2010 Finished my 2nd season with Shrewsbury Town and WON League 2 by 4 points! Summer signings: Johnny Flynn - Free transfer Stewart Cameron - Free Transfer Victor Palsson - Free Transfer Liam Cooper - Hull - Loan Michael Liddle - Sunderland - Loan Got 500K from Man City for Joe Hart clause for getting his first international appearance. Sitting with a pritty 1 million in the bank, might be able to sign a good player in the january window. After 7 games in League 1 I am 7th :0 Won 3 Drawn 3 Lost 1 Beat Barnsley 4-1 and leicester 2-1!! Got offered the Oldham job but turned it down due to the fact that I still have 1 year remaining on my shrewsbury contract. Mon the Salop!
  12. Re: Football Manager 2010 24 games played now and Im sitting 4th, 2 points behind top! My star buy striker has picked up a 4 month injury and my team havent won since he got injured, not a good thing!
  13. Re: Football Manager 2010 15 games into my second season with shrewsbury and happily sit joint top with stockport. hopefully get into league 1 soon. Stoke are my parent club. 6 new signings during the summer window: 'Sam Winnal' - Wolves - Free 'James Hurst' - Portsmouth - Free 'Pablo Navas-Alors' - Portsmouth - Free Gary Inglis - Rangers - Free Daniel Golebiewski - Polonia Warszawa - 14K (star buy) Dwayne Mattis - Walsall - 24K Loans: Liam Cooper - Hull
  14. Re: Football Manager 2010 First season summary: Started unemployed - set previous experience as 'automatic' Job Rejected by Morton Shrewsbury appoint me as manager after they have already played 12 games and sit 23rd in the league, and are also already knocked out the league cup. My first game in charge, got knocked out the johnstons paint trophy by Lincoln(didnt beat them ALL season!) Knocked out of FA cup by Dag & Red January window, Shrewsbury were sitting 14th in the league on an 8 game unbeaten run. Signed Kostadinov on free transfer, no goals in 6 games, on his 7th game he got a hat-trick, continued scoring from there, chairman loves him. Eventually finished in 8th position with them and very happy with that, at start of campaign was aiming for 12th. Best form - 11 games unbeaten (5 win streak) Highest position - 5th Top goal scorer - Dave Hibbert (18) Most Assists - Chris Shuker (23) MOM - Dave Hibbert (6) Avg Rating - Chris Shuker (7.11) NO CHEATING WHAT SO EVER!
  15. Re: Football Manager 2010 Into game 30 with shrewsbury and happily sitting in 8th place with eleven games unbeaten, managed to get a bulgarian striker on free transfer but he hasnt scored yet, I have faith in him. Aiming to be in the play-offs but happy with a top 10 finish.
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