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  1. Re: RB confusion ok thanks for your help mate,shaw's deal has been accpeted and pogba's will be accepted in a few hours.aubemeyang will be available either tomorrow or day after tomorrow and I will bid on him then. one more question.I am also thinking of selling jansen and have put him on TL.who do you think should be his replacement.I am thinking of buying schmelzer.i mean he is germany's and BVB's first choice LB and its just a matter of time before he rises.what do you think?
  2. Re: RB confusion hey thanks for a quick reply... so should I cancel the bernard deal and get pogba from the money I get by selling azpilicueta or should I sell both and get pogba and a wide midfielder-one of schrulle,aubemeyang or rodriguez???
  3. Presently my RB is azpilicueta but I have received an offer from chelsea of 11.7 mil for him.and I am thinking of accepting it cuz he is not getting much game time in chelsea right now apart from him the other players in my team who can play at RB are-de sciglio(presently LB starter),marquinhos(CB backup) and kurt zouma(RB backup). my other defenders are-matip,umtiti,jansen and I have made an offer for shaw who is in southampton which is external club in the GW. so now my question is whether I should buy another RB or should I invest the money in another position? I usually play a 3 man de
  4. i have reus and have received an offer for a straight swap for mata? should I do this deal.I suppose that reus should rise while mata has not played much this season. i would love some advice on this.
  5. Re: gotze and khedira for pique I would be getting gotze and khedira but I get your point.thanks for the quick reply
  6. I am really interested in accepting an offer in which I have been offered gotze and khedira for my pique.presently I have a pretty good amount of midfield players.my midfielders are-carrick,vidal,modric,reus,di maria,thiago,schurrle and muller. my CBs after pique would be pepe and ferdinand backed up by smalling,jones and evans.but I can try using di maria to strike a deal for thiago silva to get that defnsive stability back. what do you think?should I do this deal?
  7. Re: playmaker for a div 4 team for 17 mil thanks for the quick reply.I was also thinking to buy one of isco and oscar cuz I am planning to manage that team for a long time. out of the two who would you suggest.i think that oscar would be a better choce cuz he would get more game time than isco would get at real madrid.moreover he would play more for his national team as well.what do you thiink?
  8. I am managing Hamburg in a world championship.as is understandable from the title,I have 17 mil and am looking for a playmaker.Presently I use matic as my playmaker but I dont have a good midfielder to use as a playmaker if matic is unavailable for any game(my second best CM is 88 rated Badelj).Here are the players who I have shortlisted- Modric Toure Asamoah Fellaini Palinho(available as a free agent) Isco Oscar Apart from that moutinho has been transfer listed by his manager so I can buy him as well. so who of them shall I buy.If you have any other name then you can mention him as w
  9. Re: Bale for Busquets! thats a tough one but i would keep busquets.firstly he is one of the finest defensive midfielders of the world ATM and given that he is in barca and spain he is a safe 95.bale is also good but 95 would be a tough for him in spurs(lack of trophies) or real madrid(competition for position resulting in lower games than busquets).moreover his national team is not strong either. so busquets for me
  10. Re: kroos or reus??? thanks for your reply kroitzz can I get some more responses please....
  11. Who is better to have?I presently have kroos and am thinking of exchanging him for reus. reus is more versatile while kroos is in a better team and most probably would win the treble this season.
  12. Re: No Goalkeeper in International Team If I am not mistaken you can have a max of 30 players in the national team squad.maybe your squad limit is reached.try removing some players and then you might be able to add goalkeepers in your squad
  13. Re: Theo Walcott I wouldnt do this deal if I were you.walcott hasn't done much to get a rise to 92.so these 2 players are too much for him.
  14. Re: Which is the better player to go for? If you are looking for a starter then go for pedro but if you are looking for a backup then moura.
  15. Re: Klaas Jan Huntelaar or Mirko Vucinic why dont you put them both for transfer and sell the one who attracts a better offer..
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