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  1. could i go on the reserve list as well
  2. could i go on the reserve list as well
  3. After winning some soccer manager credits Ive set up my own game world. 1 division of 20 of the worlds best teams. Only looking for experienced managers who have been in the game a while to join up. 8 teams are left including the likes of AC Milan, Roma, Inter, Liverpool and Spurs. Game world has literally opened today. Game World ID - 240837
  4. Re: "Daniel Levy's Worst Nightmare" Interested as well
  5. Re: Now This Is What I Call A Soccer Challenge I'm interested as well.
  6. Re: World Crisis FK RADNIK do i name by players here or make bids once ive got my team etc
  7. Re: World Crisis yeah think ive got them on looking back through the thread i was down as being interested last year
  8. Re: World Crisis happy to come on board if you are needing more managers
  9. Re: Fluff's Mixed Nations Any spaces left?
  10. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers Just applied for Man United - Gold manager whos played the game for a number of years
  11. Re: Something A Bit Different I'd be happy to take one of them. Whats the game world ID ? im a gold manager who's played sm for years
  12. Re: Every Person's Dream Would be happy to join the set up if you have any vacancies.
  13. Re: World Crisis Can I join ?
  14. Re: World Crisis Any spots left?
  15. Re: The Defence Versus Attack League - Match Reports, Transfers And All Round Banter. Id like to try my hand at this game world.
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