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  1. Re: The Official NBA Thread
  2. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 Not sure' date=' but I think he might be switched to LM/Wing. According to Goal.com, he's fast and he shoots well. Sandro is my favourite cheap and young lb right now. Wait, I think he might be the only legit option for Lazio other than Radu and Cavanda who plays full back.
  3. Re: The Official NBA Thread YEES NBA STARTS TOMORROW. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D Best Opening Night games: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/2012-2013-nba-schedule-heat-lakers-host-opening-060500162--nba.html http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1387417-10-opening-week-matchups-nba-fans-cant-afford-to-miss/page/11
  4. Re: Player Kit Numbers Great idea, but do you mean you want to choose individual player jersey numbers, or real life jersey numbers, because some players have the same jersey number.
  5. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 Tough luck mate. I'd go for an 88 rated def for 9-11 mill. Plenty of solid +1s out there. Ballon Dor Nominees FIFA Ballon Dor Nominees Buffon, and Pirlo both Nominated, so I don't think they'll get -1s.
  6. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 EPL Clubs Tracking Sampirisi: Mail Online Version Goal.com Version Cool article on Juve Youth Prospects. Pretty decent information given, should shortlist. Some you have probably heard of, some not. Article, written by Gianni Verschueren of bleacher report. If you don't want to read, here is list (all ages, positions, club and rating accurate on October 30th, 2012) : Nicola LEALI, Age:19, GK, Rating:75, Loan to Virtus Lanciano Alberto MASI, Age:20, CB, Rating:77, Loan to Pro Vercelli Luca MARRONE, Age:22, DM/CB, Rating:83, First Team Paul POGBA, Age:19, CM/DM, Rating:77, First Team Ouasim BOUY, Age:19, CM/AM, Rating:75, Loan to Brescia Calcio Appelt GABRIEL, Age:19, CM/DM, Rating:75, Loan to Pro Vercelli Richmond BOAKEYE, Age:19, FWD, Rating:82, Loan to Sassuolo +1 yes' date=' but IMO 27 mill is too much. Maicon/Godin is better for that amount, unless you are in either super rich or super tough gameworld. If you were offered 27 mill, IT'S A SCAM! Also, team of the week for Serie A came out. Goal.com Version Bleacher Report Version Both feature Di Natale and Lamela. Similar teams (although different formations), suggest read both. Might want to shortlist Cuadrado, RB/RM at Fiorentina on loan from Udinese. 86 at moment, could get a +1/+2 if he keeps current form. Cause 2 players to be sent off last game against Lazio. Astori finally found his form again!
  7. Re: The Official NBA Thread Twice the length of any model's legs
  8. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 -1 or 2, don't think he's injured
  9. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 He's a veteran that's not improving, which almost automatically means you go down. Also, he's not playing 93 level game, his club's not playing 93 level game. I love Inter and all, but I agree with him. He's still a good buy though, because I'd gladly pay 12 mil for a 93-91. Just my opinion. Update for People who didn't see matches yet, a couple riser games: Fiorentina 2-0 Lazio Goal.com Match Report/Player Ratings ESPN Match Recap Matias played well but missed a penalty. Ljajic scored his first goal of the season, and both ledesma and hernanes was sent off. Matias is great for Chile, but wasn't getting starter's time until recently. Rongaclia didn't play, instead savic did and he did okay. Candreva played bad too. Cassano played well as a sub, and I actually think if he keeps playing this way he might get a +1 to 92. Bologna 1-3 Inter Goal.com Match Report/Player Ratings ESPN Match Recap Taider, Cherubin (scored header), and Diamanti all played well, and for Inter Ranocchia and Juan played good too. Gargano played bad again, Palacio had 2 assists after his goal in Europa league. Cambiasso man of the match, great performance. Torino 1-3 Parma Goal.com Match Report/Player Ratings ESPN Match Recap Man of the match performance for Biabiany, with an assist. Amauri might actually be bumped back to 88, even if he is old. He is getting lots of goals and is playing great. Score one this match. Both Afriyie Acquah and Beldfodil not playing too well recently, benched this game. Sansone came off bench and scored. The OTHER (Torino) Sansone got a red card in 53rd minute. Stevanovic played fine. Roma 2-3 Udinese Goal.com Match Report/Player Ratings ESPN Match Recap Lamela definately +1 now, 2 goals in this game. Di Natale also scored a double, one a penalty to win the game. Castan and Piris both started, but not too well. So did Dodo and Marquinho who played okay. For Udinese, Pereyra and Faraoni same as Dodo, both played okay and started. Zeljkco Brkic did okay, and Gabriel Silva came on as a sub! Maybe Udinese finally play him now. Bad game for Pjanic, not playing much either. Lots of talent, but might go down. EPL teams with old midfield should pick him up . De Rossi not too great this game either, but I don't think he will go down. Player --- Player Stock Hernandez <> Ljajic ^ Hernanes ! Rongaclia <> Savic <> Candreva ! Taider ^ Cherubin ^ Diamanti ^ Ranocchia ^ Juan ^ Palacio ^ Gargano ! Cambiasso ^ Biabiany ^ Amauri ^ Sansone ^ Acquah <> Belfodil <> Stevanovic ^ Lamela ^ Di Natale <> Dodo ^ Marquinho ^ Pereyra ^ Faraoni ^ Pjanic ! Gabriel Silva <> De Rossi ! Brkic ^ Above is based on current form, current ratings, past form, current expectations Current Table CLUB P W D L GD PTS Juventus 9 8 1 0 16 25 Napoli 9 7 1 1 10 22 Inter 9 7 0 2 9 21 Lazio 9 6 0 3 5 18 Fiorentina 9 4 3 2 4 15 AS Roma 9 4 2 3 4 14 Parma 9 3 3 3 -1 12 Udinese 9 3 3 3 -2 12 Catania 9 3 2 4 -5 11 Cagliari 9 3 2 4 -5 11 Milan 9 3 1 5 0 10 Sampdoria 9 3 2 4 -1 10 Torino 9 2 4 3 2 9 Genoa 9 2 3 4 -3 9 Atalanta 9 3 2 4 -5 9 US Pescara 9 2 2 5 -9 8 Bologna 9 2 1 6 -4 7 Palermo 9 1 4 4 -5 7 Chievo 9 2 1 6 -9 7 Siena 9 2 3 4 -1 3 Also, good job man, pretty close with Quintero! Should have bought him earlier, forgot he was on loan from Atl. Nacional.
  10. Re: Russian Championship 444 - Discussions,M/Rs & Transfer Thread Rick beat me 1-0
  11. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 Asamoah +1? Very fast, playing well and playing for a scudetto and CL last 8 contender
  12. Re: Russian Championship 444 - Discussions,M/Rs & Transfer Thread I know, but still, it would be better than debating with bad evidence. Do the ox thing, where you only play youth players.
  13. Re: SM Forum Continental Cup, Anyone Interested?
  14. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread 2-0 Newport county, although with a decent bit of luck. Still 9 points of playoffs and a point away from the spot above me. Plenty of games left though. Play Cambridge U next
  15. Re: SM Forum Continental Cup, Anyone Interested? Added
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