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  1. Re: Nikolay ZHILYAEV 8 games 1 sub 2 goals 2 assists 504 mins (from 720 played total) He's going up big time.
  2. Re: Great World Money Making Risers A friend of mine asked about Semih only going to 89 and got a very detailed response. They mentioned Gokhan and Semih were on the verge of hitting 89/90 but they feel they need a little more time to prove it. I don't think they will be reviewed again and for Semih they want to see how he performs at the Euro's as they hope his good season is not a one off.
  3. Re: TomOwen's Mexican Rating Changes-Full Report On the guardian site there seems to be 2 lots of tables for the mexican league. One looks like the first half and the other for the second half of the season. Premera and Premera Clausura Not sure if this is right, but I think if you add the stats together in both for the player in question you get the correct results for the season but I think Tom is using the Premera Clausura one as the last rating changes were most likely done using the first half of the seasons stats. Other than that I don't have a clue
  4. Re: Turkish Rating Changes Did you miss ALI TURAN?? Playing for Kayserispor and only rated 83!! 25(28) games 3 subs 2315 mins. The most game time by any defender in the side. The average rating for the defenders in this side is 87. Certain to hit 86 but I believe he should be on par or if not +1 more to coincide with his status in the team. Jumped 3 points last rating and should see a big increase this time. 87 for me.
  5. Re: Cristian HAISAN I heard from someone who heard from someone else that he will be 85 today. He was suppose to go up 2 but a mistake was made and he went down 18. Grab him fast, only problem you might find is his team only have 1 gk so might be a issue for some setups.
  6. Re: Zozo's German Ratings Forecast Fin BARTELS 21/RM/78***BIG RISER*** This impressing young player has played in all but one of Rostock’s matches, scored a spectacular overhead goal last weekend. 5 starts, 1 sub, 364 minutes, 1 goal, increase to 84. -------------------------------------------------------------- I think this is a little misleading. I can't see how he will increase to 84 when he has only had 5 games total with 3 sub appearances. I understand you are only going on the stats since the last change, but to increase 6 points over 8 games won't happen. Rostock's highest player is only 87 iirc and has played 20+ games this season. There are some other examples like Sebastian Hahnge playing 7 games, 7 subs, 3 goals and is only rated 84 and not expected to go up. There are plenty more examples in Rostock. I agree he maybe a good future buy, but he wont hit 84. It will be a season before I think he hits 84. A more realistic target is around 81 this turn.
  7. Re: Ben Read's Mexican Rating Changes Don't think Castillo will hit 82 based on 6 appearances, especially as you have Sanchez only hitting 79/80 with 7 appearances and more mins. I think 79/80 for both.
  8. Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread I do not understand how Benjani can only go up 1 point...... He needs a 90 for his goals and form.
  9. Re: Real Madrid Ratings Do not agree with Cannavaro. I dont think you drop a rating just because he is a little old. He has played 17/18 games and has done nothing wrong to warrant a decrease.
  10. I tried searching for a sole thread (so SM might see) but couldnt find one for the discussion of the players rating. Bellion just received a increase from 87 to 88 and I think this is definately undervalued. He should be clearly on 89 from his form over the last 2 1/2 seasons and on his goals this season. He is still in equal second for most goals scored and is playing quite well. Does anyone else agree?
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