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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'm Atletico Madrid in Gold Championship 255 and myself and the PSG manager have been working out some deals and have agreed on this: Falcao + Azevedo + 4 million for Ibrahimovic and + Mario Suarez + Saul Niguez for VDW In case anyone hasn't understood, I'd be getting the Big Swede and VDW. I think it's a pretty good deal because even though Falcao will get a +1/2 in the next changes, doubt he'll ever reach Ibra's 96 which he'll maintain for 1-2 more years at least. I'd like to hear what you guys think of the deal as well as I'm not entirely sure tbh. I've got enough depth as I've got basically the original Atletico squad except with a few additions of my own so depth isn't really too much of a problem either. Keep in mind the VDW deal won't work unless the Ibrahimovic one does. Thanks!
  2. Re: THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP Pohang Steelers Go Transfer Crazy On the official website of Pohang Steelers, it was revealed that the Chairman will do anything to get The Steelers back on their feet. Their signings as of date were announced: Fabio Coentrao Maso Bennett Luis Anderson Luiz Gustavo Stefan Savic Shawn Parker Timo Horn Philipp Hofmann Sebastien Coates Kieran Gibbs Kevin Gameiro Alcantara Rafinha Inigo Ruiz De Galarretta Kevin De Bruyne Paco Alcacer Jack Butland Fernando Pacheco Mauro Caballero Emre Can Gylfi Sigurdsson The Chairman made an official statement saying that he would do anything to get their season back on track and the only man that could do it was Mr. RVP 4life.
  3. Re: Official Gold Championship 177 Thread. Mr. RVP 4life and Marcel Schmelzer relationship heats up! This afternoon there was a publicized leak in which the rumor of the Dormund Managers increased irritation concerning Marcel Schmelzer was confirmed. Even more surprising was that the manager refused to give the player a chance and has already agreed on a deal to let the world renowned left back go! The deal sees Schmelzer join English Giants Manchester United while the Devils part company with 2 of their finest, Ashley Young and Federico Macheda with an additional 3 million. Football Analysts see this as a huge risk taken by Mr. RVP 4life as this leaves Dortmund without a prominent left back for his starting XI! This forces him to play a high risk 3 defence formation! Mr. RVP 4life was caught leaving a training session and was immediately bombarded by reporters with questions. He answered most questions with a simple "No Comment" but was quoted answering the question "Is Schmelzer leaving? Are the rumors true?" The manager answered by saying
  4. Re: Official Gold Championship 177 Thread. Unbelievable Valencia manager does not know ANYTHING about football I asked him what he wanted for rami He told me Bender and a 89+ player under 29!
  5. Re: Official Gold Championship 177 Thread. Unfortunately Dortmund are yet to sell Schmelzer Bender and Grosskreutz. I keep get rubbish offers for them and theyre just too terrible for me to sell The only realistic offer so far has been from Man Utd. who offered Ashley Young in a deal
  6. Re: THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP Great start for new Pohang Steelers manager It was a great start and a promising beginning to Mr. RVP 4life's managerial career at Pohang Steelers. The Steelers beat Ironi Kiryat Shmona 3-1 on thursday evening. Even after the win the Steelers are still placed last in the table after 12 matches but with a new manager and a tough past the manager was quoted saying
  7. Re: THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP RVP 4life takes control of Pohang Steelers. This season your Chairman expects you to finish in the top half of the table. Pohang Steelers were founded in 1973 and play their home games at Steelyard in Pohang.
  8. Re: |GC 177| Juventus - The Italian Revolution | Dude calm down man i thought it was the official therad im removing the post just take it easy
  9. Re: ||Company of Heroes|| im not ali bhai:eek: whyd you remove me man?
  10. Re: SM Credits just got 51 credits yaaaayyyy
  11. Re: SM Credits it said i was awarded 51 credits about 20 mins ago but i never got them??
  12. Re: New game ah interested
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