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    sport- footy,cycling,cricket,tennis, havin a wee bet on sport,watchin loads of films!
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    5 a-side goalkeeper!!! only 8 games a week....oh and i work (whats that?) for Dunelm Mill.
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  1. Old interface for me on computer desktop still On my mobile i'm not so fussed as the layout seems ok to navigate on, altho I stick to doing my tactics on the old interface on the computer if I can
  2. Yes that was the next thing to enquire about...players who were born in a different contry to the one they end up playing for? Like Wes Morgan? A Nottingham lad but plays for Trinidad and Tobago
  3. Just a little query, and I will sound a tad retarded here haha.. Where you say about signing players of european origin or rest of the world origin...does that relate to the clubs they play for or actually what nationality they were born? So an african player playing in france or portugal can only be signed for a rest of the world team even tho his career has been spent in europe? Thats how i'm reading this part of the rules to be honest.
  4. Matt i've made my choice after many hours and a sleepless night agonizing over which team i wanna be....
  5. just gotta choose our teams now... hmm...Swindon Supermarine or Needham Market for me just dunno which eeny meeny miny mo...
  6. i'm not fussed for either option really Matt.. Option 2 is holding sway.. maybe a rating cap the first season of 87?? saying that its always difficult getting top rateds on board straight away from past experience!
    1. Pip



    2. JonnyRed


      Maybe...depends what teams are available mate :)

    3. Pip


      AC Milan, Valencia, Zenit, Napoli, Leverkusen, Lazio, Sevilla, and Everton.

      Let me know!

  7. Rags To Riches GW's are my favourites so count me in please boss!
  8. ..And as its the Battle of Britain, i'll take the Spitfires, Altai can have the P-51's...Pedro can have the Messerschmitts
  9. Count me in as more than slightly interested please.... Anywhere where there's Pedro, Altai and Huddo i have to keep them on their toes hehe
  10. Ahhh ding-a-dong-a-ding-a-ling what goodies for Jonny does the transfer window bring??? Oooh Aubameyang and Cavani :D Put them in yer hole and smoke it Matt heehee more like kinder suprise eggs popping out
  11. I can back Pedro up about saying Barce Kes is a good trustworthy manager as well
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