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  1. The match engine has changed so you need to scrap whatever you think you know and start experimenting. I did this the moment the update hit and I am finding results are much more consistent now with my 92 average rated Atletico Madrid team. For one, the 4-2-3-1 B formation is clearly the standard formation to start with as this reflects how teams usually line up today. For a long time managers in SM, have been using the 3-5-2 which has not been in regular use by managers in the real game for the best part of a decade. Van Gaal tried it last season at United and wingers in the EPL ran rings around the back 3. The weakness on the flanks has been accentuated greatly.
  2. Re: Do you have any idea how to counter 3-5-2 please? The 3-5-2 formation is just tearing everything else apart right now. I've never managed to beat another player that is using 3-5-2. That is in part that I do not have as strong as squad as said players. I've stuck with the 4-5-1, Defensive Mentality with Men Behind Ball, Tight Marking and Target Man and come out with draws. After much trial and error, I believe the key is getting possession as it always is in SM. I haven't cracked it yet, but I will!
  3. Re: Counter formations For the love of God. Would someone please teach me how to use the 3-5-2 formation? I can use it almost every game with my 88 rated Celtic team, but with my Athleticó team I have been hammered 5-0 at home by a Sao Paulo side using a 4-2-4 with Harry Kewell...HARRY KEWELL.
  4. Re: AI to choose from all 24 formations I think I might have figured out why my future CPU opponent opted for the 3-3-4 formation. They have the minimum allowed squad of 21 players and a staggering number of those players can be in an attacking position i.e AM(RLC)/F(RLC), 11 players to be precise. So for the CPU it would make sense to choose a formation with the maximum amount of attacking positions available and fill the rest of the pitch accordingly. That leaves the 4-2-4 and the 3-3-4 formations. Further still, I found that the "Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer" thread was very useful as one of the CPU teams I saw using the 3-3-4 was successfully countered by a player using the 3-4-1-2, as recommended in this thread, thrashing them by 9 goals to nil! I think this might just turn out alright in the end if this is the case come Wednesday. Get reading that thread!
  5. Re: AI to choose from all 24 formations To the best of my knowledge, CPU teams do not suffer from fatigue. They are assumed 100% at all times. Suspensions and injuries do count though. Can someone correct me if I am wrong?
  6. Re: AI to choose from all 24 formations @OP, I completely agree. I just had a look at some of the results from tonight's Shield Cup results for the two gameworlds I have teams in, the results were mixed to say the least. The idea that the AI selects the best starting 11 and puts it in to a formation is so far disproved from my observations. Firstly I have found that the AI will now sort of 'hard' selects players for positions, for example two AI teams that selected the 3-3-4 formation. They used a DR, DC, DL, RM, CM, LM. It could easily have had 3 DC and 3 D/CM or 1 CM with two AM on either side. It opted for DR and DL players that were far lower in quality, 82 and 83 rated rather than between 3 other DC that were 87-88 rated, simply because it wanted to stick exactly to the formation positions. The forwards however, were random. Example, it chose to stick an 86 rated AM RL on the right wing when it could have chosen Arda Turan (on the bench!), 90 rated AM RLC, to do the same job?! One team did stick the 2 FC in the right place and a FRLC either side. That said and done, it most certainly does not select the best starting 11 and assign a formation, it chooses the formation and then assigns the players. Total guess work for us managers as of Wednesday then. To make matters worse, two well managed player controlled teams were beaten in their respective semi-finals tonight, the final will be played by CPU teams!!!
  7. Re: help with countering new unmanaged formations A concern of mine is if they randomly choose 1 of the 24 formations every game. It would make playing against a CPU team a lottery and completely negate the purpose of planning a game against a specific team since the amount of factors to determine if you can win would be too broad and complicated. There needs to be some element of unmanaged teams using a few different formations to suit their team consistently and it needs to make an effort to counter the formations that you use regularly. In response to your question, we won't know until we've gained enough experience from matches played to understand the approach the CPU takes. I took at look at some of the Cup matches played in my League tonight and it does appear at least that the CPU is considering its best players, then trying to fit as many of them in to a formation and play it that way. Take a look at your oppositions squad list and do some homework. Make out the number of good quality defenders, midfielders and forwards and try to fit them in to a formation yourself and then decide how you'd counter it. That's my idea for now at least. We'll know come Wednesday just how random it will be.
  8. Re: Counter formations Hello again, Here's the result of my match tonight. I messed up in the 75th minute when I went from Hard Tackling in the 60th minute, I was losing then scored to equalise then to Normal Tackling in the 75th, meaning he got a winner in the 85th minute because I let my guard down. Such an underwhelming performance and really not the result I needed. Played 11, Won 4, Drew 1, Lost 6. Promotion is not happening this season now I feel. I really have no idea how to get this team back on track. Might have to settle for a cup win to make it worth my time.
  9. Re: Counter formations Thanks Hyina, I'll be put out a team to suit that formation. I'm placing my faith in your knowledge! I'll post the result after the match on Saturday evening. Edit: What play style options would you recommend? I would usually go with Tight Marking, Counter Attacking and Men Behind Ball.
  10. Re: Counter formations Hi there, I'd like some advice on beating the following strategy and tactics. So this guy has NEVER changed his setup and for good reason, he's lost just 1 game out of the last 10 (We're 10 games in to this season) and sits top of the table. I am desperate for a win as I have lost 5 games this season, Won 4 and Drawn 1, sit in 13th position with 13 points. I am supposed to be pushing for promotion as I finished 6th last season and was narrowly beaten in the play-offs. I need to iron out my tactics against unmanaged teams, but this is just 1 of maybe 5-10 games I'll play against Human opponents this season. Okay, so my usual setup against a player would usually be a 4-2-3-1. I have found it be very effective in the past and won many games with it. It has not really let me down this season either, but I really want to win this one. My average rating when fielding my best team is usually 89/90. My best team is currently 100% with a few sitting at 90%+ fit. Edinson Cavani will be 100% fit and doing damage up front I hope. What strategy and tactics would you recommend? Thanks and I look forward to your responses.
  11. Re: Wierd results, bad luck or just irrational match-engine? Keep it simple. What formation is he going to use and what style of play? Is his team poor, similar to, or better than mine? Do your homework, check his previous fixtures and see what he did to win in previous games and where he went wrong. Now you set-up your team to have a clearly defined play-style and formation with consideration to your players abilities and what you think he is going to come at you with. Read the guides on the play-style options, as both times you've gone with options that conflict and you do not have a play style to match your formation. Be aware of the effects they have on your game and most of all, the consequences. If I were in your shoes, for both games I would have gone with a 4-2-3-1 with an emphasis on counter-attacking. I'd go normal tackling, defensive mentality, mixed passing/attacking, normal tempo, pressing in my own half only. Play-style, counter-attacking with tight marking and target man. Why? I assume from the team average rating, you're like for like ability wise, no need for tough tackling you'll just concede free kicks/penalties. Mentality defensive, passing and attacking are normal because the formation is balanced across all positions. Look at it clearly, the 4-2-3-1 has excellent coverage of the pitch, I can send the ball anywhere I want it to go. Counter-attacking to match my mentality, I want to hit them after the defence soaks up an attack, which they should do very well in this formation. No need for men behind the ball, I've got 4 defenders with 2 DMs covering them, countering his front men and support midfield, I've got enough behind the ball as it is. I can match his midfield all the way as they can be fed the ball all the way from the defence. My lone striker, the target man, can hold up the ball or play off the wings and the attacking midfielder who will feed him the ball. Target man is optional on the counter-attack however, I don't care who gets the ball, so long as someone scores. My own CFs haven't scored a huge amount of goals this way, but they do have a lot of assists, providing good hold up play, passing on to my Wingers and AM who have scored lots of goals. That is my opinion at least. I have done 1 season in SM so far and I took my team which had just three points (3 draws) in 10 games, bottom of the league, to sixth position and a few quarter finals. Not a huge achievement but none the less, it is good practice to scout out your opposition and define your play style and formation based on what you think he is likely to field on match day.
  12. Re: Player concerns system I think the current system could do with some tweaking but I can see why they put it in as is. I am in Division 2 of my game world with Athletico Madrid with an average player rating of 89, I have two players with concerns (I simply don't play them for 7/10 games) and I actively keep my squad as close to 25 players as possible. However, considering that I am now in the playoffs for Division 2 and hoping to go up I will need to buy a few more 90+ rated players (I currently have 2) to compete for a good position in the league and win some cups. The problem is, the people managing the big teams such as Real Madrid, United etc. have purchased the vast majority of top quality players and absolutely refuse to part with them to maintain their edge. The concerns system is the only way for newcomers like myself to have a shot at buying one without having to hand over in excess of 100 mill! A team should and can have seventeen 90+ rated players, that's absolutely fine. But when it goes beyond that, when they also take many of the 88 and 89 rated players, even those who are not young eventually managing a squad of 50+ players it is simply rediculous, unrealistic and very selfish behaviour. The concerns system for a player should take place before they even join a team with many 90+ rated players, as it should take in to account the likelyhood they'll get a spot given their ability, age and position. As a Striker, would you join a team at the age of 25, with an 88 rating when there are 3 other 90+ rated players? Hell no, you'd get fed on scraps. The concerns system is in place to maintain healthy and realistic squad sizes and I am 100% behind it.
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