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  1. I know there's a +2 rating difference but I'm looking to invest. Nainggolan is now 29 yo whilst Kovacic is just really starting his career at Real Madrid. Who would be best to have?
  2. I'm stuck between these two: whilst Falcao is playing for Monaco scoring ridiculous amounts of goals, Mitroglou is only just starting to find his feet having moved from Benfica to OM. Who should I keep though? Will Falcao go down? Will Mitroglou go up?
  3. Unable to find out how to report 2 managers in my game world due for some dodgy transfers. It says in the help article it can be done under Game World > Club List page but the option isn't there. Any help?
  4. Re: Ismael Tajouri 10 matches so far for FK Austria Wien II with 3 goals and 2 assists. Currently 4th in the league.
  5. Re: Samuel Umtiti - Lyon's Young Talent Just to keep this up to date. Last rating change: ↑2 | 86 to 88 | 24.08.2013
  6. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Is Ter Stegen worth keeping now this whole Barca thing has blown over?
  7. Re: Jeremain Lens - Up to 90? Update Lens has made a transfer during the Summer to the Ukrainian big boys Dynamo Kyiv. Shame in a way due to the ultra racist fans at D. Kyiv but hopefully he can have a chance at another side of Europe!
  8. Re: Thomas Muller for 38 million? Yes, without a doubt.
  9. Re: Dries Mertens - PSV's Shining Belgian And just that has happened: Mertens recently moved to SCC Napoli, meaning he'll be playing for Italy's rising giants! Should be looking at a rise to 91 for this star, especially if he can continue to prove himself at a bigger club as he is now.
  10. Re: Matt Smith - Oldham Athletic | The Liverpool Destroyer! Yep. We pretty much knew he was leaving months ago - a help to his rating nevertheless.
  11. Re: Matt Smith - Oldham Athletic | The Liverpool Destroyer! Since my last post he's done some rising in the space of a few months: 70 ↑ 73 73 ↑ 77
  12. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Shall I buy Grosskreutz, Smalling or Henderson?
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... My Eduardo Salvio for 3m and Luis Gustavo?
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Keep in mind I only have Patricio in net (even though he should be rated more than 90). Manchester United are offering me 10m plus Ter Stegen for my defender Adriano. Thing is, the only replacement I have for Adriano is Alex Sandro (89). It seems like a bad short term move but a good long-term decision. Thoughts from others?
  15. Re: Swiss Champs 18-HAVE A GO! I'd be interested if anyone quits. Thanks for the heads-up, by the way
  16. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Should I buy Sahin or Kigawa?
  17. Although it may seem a little outlandish, I have an idea which I think could add a bit more excitement to the game and get the manager more involved with those players who are good but not quite good enough for the first squad - often the ones who later request a transfer. Reserve Team Leagues! The idea The introduction of a reserve team league, like real clubs have, for players who are good but can't quite break into the first team. It runs at the same time as the first team league but is restricted to 1 match per week. The leagues should start by reflecting the current first team ones. Promotion or relegation is something which I find to be a hard issue to tackle as it holds 2 options: either the teams are liable to their own independent place in the league (if they finish bottom they are relegated like an independent team) or they play in the league of their first team regardless of their position at the end of the season. A Monday would be good for this as it is the longest stretch between first team matches and breaks up time nicely for eager managers but could be moved -1 or +1 day due to cup matches. Friendlies therefore would still be able to be played on Thursdays if a manager wishes to arrange one. Like friendlies, players should not be prone to fatigue in case they are needed for first team matches. It should take the same system as the SMFA Cup matches where fatigue is not affected but cards do count only for the said league as well as injuries. There would of course have to be an indicator that the player has made apperances for the reserve team as opposed to the first. Perhaps a simply "R" mark or renaming the reserve clubs, e.g. Queens Park Rangers II, might be a solution to the issue. Reasons why it should be introduced Interest & excitement in the game To keep interest in the game, I think this feature would help add a sense of realism and fun. There would be more managerial work which is the essential part of the game giving managers a way of testing out tactics, set-ups and younger players to help achieve the first team winning tactic. The reserve team league would also be another interesting competition to follow for managers giving them a little more than just one goal to aim for. Avoids loss of squad knowledge Sometimes, when you have what you see as the perfect high-rated squad, you can really lose touch with your players sat on the bench or simply as reserves. As it can really affect playing lower-rated players in your first team, this could help you keep on top of all of that as well as avoid good players falling into the dangerous "unhinged" zone which frustrates a large amount of managers. Some clubs with players rated 92-94 end up seeing players rated 90-91 wanting to leave when, really, they are future risers with a guaranteed place in the first team after a rating change - this is very frustrating. 21-Player solution Some lower clubs have only 21 players, especially if they were managed and then their manager left. This can leave great players stuck in low leagues with no chance of every moving to a club that you could use their talent to win their league. As these clubs may need to buy more players to meet the requirements of an 11-player reserve team, this would solve the solution of those players being stuck at clubs and cure the annoyance of those waiting to buy them. Some managers are even known to cheat by creating 2 accounts just to get the other players out of the 21-player clubs - this is a solid solution. Player credibility Instead of good, young players with a decent future receiving 0 apperances every season, this could be an interesting addition to their career statistics. Displaying just like the first team stats, it would give managers an idea of player potential without having to second guess & avoid good players becoming bench warmers for the next 6 season. Like everything on here, it's just a thought which I think would really benefit SM and would make it that bit better.
  18. Re: Ismael Tajouri ↑2 today. Good start to a long career ahead of him.
  19. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? I'm in a bit of a crisis looking for a striker. Will Jefferson Farfán drop to 90 any time soon? Thinking of giving him one more season.
  20. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Will Torres keep his 91 rating?
  21. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Diego Ribas, 91 Will he continue falling? Possible rise?
  22. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thanks to all about my Cambiasso question. It seems my deal might not go through as the United manager just quit. Now I need to replace him however I only have 89s to fill his place so far. Which one of these will have the future potential to go to 90+ (sooner the better)? Joel MATIP Philip WOLLSCHEID Yaroslav RAKYTSKIY Gary MEDEL Ömer TOPRAK Alex SANDRO
  23. Re: The Politics Thread After reading through this, I conclude that Longnose is the most absurd conservative on the planet and should be trialled for crimes against humanity (or shall we say the working class?).
  24. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... My Cambiasso for Benatia?
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