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  1. same hare, no matter what pack i loan, nothing, numbers are staying ...
  2. aaah OK I'm not the only one good luck SM in fixing problem
  3. Re: Young Prospects discussion Last month i took over Wimbledon in some Division 5, poorest team in league, so the challenge is to make team full of talents. I will just copy paste you players i brought in last month. Some of them are already ''popular'' talents, some may be worth for gamble and some already had rtg up. JOVIC, Luka F© 16 76 - MARÍN, Adrián D(L) 17 77 - GAUDINO, Gianluca M,AM© 17 76 - ĆORIĆ, Ante M,AM© 17 76 - VLAŠIĆ, Nikola AM(RLC),F(RL) 17 77 - MARUOKA, Mitsuru DM,M© 18 75 - BABUNSKI, Dorian AM,F© 18 75 - COMAN, Kingsley AM(RLC) 18 77 - ABNER, Almeida D,DM,M(L) 18 75 - SUCCESS, Isaac F© 18 76 - BURGESS, Cameron D(LC),DM© 19 75 - DENAYER, Jason D© 19 76 - EL HADDADI, Munir F(LC) 19 78 - BANGOURA, Momar DM,M© 20 75 - CALVET, Pol M© 20 76 - SALLAHI, Ylli D,DM,M,AM(L) 20 76 - HABRAN, Romain AM(RLC) 20 75 - RICO, Sergio GK 21 77
  4. Hi there, I have problem with opening soccermanager, this is screenshot of what i experiencing in last couple of days. I've tried to use different browsers (Mozilla, chrome, IE), i've tried to uninstall and install it again, but nothing works... So why is this happening? screenshot: http://i46.tinypic.com/zvaetv.png thx
  5. Re: Cem Sultan - Big Talent ooo, great talent on Football manager 2007 in couple of years he was the best young striker.
  6. Re: Portuguese league ratings.. agree with thss
  7. Re: Oier Olazabal Oier should be next barca goalie, they say he has some really good reflex, but whno knows he is too young...
  8. Re: Inter Youth Players Help! if you want to know who will rize soon, the answer in none or maybe Filkor and maaroufi (if so than just for one) most of them are on loan but even there they are not playing much.
  9. Re: LORIK CANA this man can play every position out there, lately he plays as a CD, should he get position change to DM/CD? he played AM, CM, DM and now he is playing CD...
  10. Re: Another Barca star? he played even before in cup catalonia, but surprise was that he was in the team before Pedrito, who played 3 times this season.
  11. Re: Luis Paez i traded him yesterday, maybe someday he will be again in marseille
  12. Re: soufiane alloudi he is very good player, he scored hat trick against Namibia at african cup of nations... too bad he ain't on database
  13. Re: LORIK CANA he should be 91...
  14. Re: LORIK CANA truly great football player, his fitness in unbelievable, his strength too, if anyone deserve increase, that’s him.
  15. Re: The Ultimate Forum Championship - Match Report/Transfer Thread Toni only player on the pitch Luca Toni was the only player that got decent mark (8). Bayern played very poor game. Congratulation to Kevin, I cannot wait rematch:)
  16. Re: Help with some French and Belguim ratings what ever you do, buy Muratori (he should be 87-88) he plays very well for Monaco. trully good first real season.
  17. Re: Brazilian Stars His name is actualy ALAN KARDEC. it looks something like this in my setup: F ALAN KARDEC, Souza Tottenham Hotspur 19 85 08 Apr £4.9M £5.7M
  18. Re: Guy Asulin quote from some newspapers ''Gai Assulin, a 16-year-old striker who plays in FC Barcelona's system, came on as a substitute in the 79th minute and drew massive applause from the 24,000 fans at the match. Although he showed some skillful touches, Assulin was unable to make a strong impact.''
  19. Re: The Ultimate Forum Championship - Match Report/Transfer Thread Bayern could be interested in Benzema After news that Lyon's manager ''thomasp'' would be interested in selling Benzema, people in bayer are very interested to have this fabolous player in Munchen'' but i don't have money
  20. Re: Brazilian Stars they are good players, but already expensive
  21. Re: The Ultimate Forum Championship - Match Report/Transfer Thread I'm proud to announce, that bayern made a swop deal with Ben's Arsenal. 2 new bayern players are: denilson and Eboue
  22. Re: The Ultimate Forum Championship - Match Report/Transfer Thread Bayern won ''I have to say that i'm very happy with a debut, I also must congratulate to my oponent lil_kick_kid, it was a game for true football fans'' Franck Bilal Ribery - MoM
  23. marseille

    Formula One!

    Re: Formula One! so anyone watched last two? it will be an interesting season
  24. Re: The Ultimate Forum Championship - Match Report/Transfer Thread Bayern has new coach thx one more
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