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  1. i have wellbeck my other gk is de gea my other strikers are benzema muller destro el shaarawy and damiao what do people think i should do
  2. How much will he rise in the spanish review
  3. Will he rise in the upcoming review
  4. What do people think his potential is can get 10 mill fo him in a trade in
  5. I have hulk and welbeck and can swap for muller noticed today his position changed to fwd aswell so can do this now do people think this is a good deal
  6. Re: Vermaelen or hummels when do you think dortmund will get a review mean are they far into the german league?
  7. i can sell verm and buy hummels what do people think
  8. Tm92


    do people think hes still in for a raise
  9. Who do people think is better and deserves a higher rating?
  10. whos better and will get a higher rating in future
  11. who does everyone think is better
  12. Ive been offered el shaarawy and mattia destro for my danny welbeck. just to see peoples opinions and what to do thanks
  13. who does everyone rate the highest in order and wholl get the highest rating
  14. Which one will reach a higher rating
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