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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Agreed. Is unable to take the criticism bestowed on his team and as a consequence reacts like the child that he is.

    Going back to the FA Cup' date=' it holds a great deal of prestige to every football fan I speak to. Steeped in history and irrespective of who wins it, every club wants to win it.

    If JCAFC has gone out of his way to get banned as not to be allowed back then clearly says a lot about the character of the lad. Good riddance, opposing fans may be able to debate about the club he supports with Arsenal fans on here who are able to take the criticism on the chin.[/font']

    Not that it matters but I ain't leaving due to comments about Arsenal. As I said before look back and see why I am leaving. It has nothing to do with Arsenal and losing today.

    I am leaving because I share a view that many people believe in, even on football focus they all said how much the FA Cup has lost its value, however for some reason people think it's just me and then start to have digs.

    That's fine say as you like, debate about what you like. However when people keep getting personal with me making personal digs then there ain't much I can do.

    Yes I will be banned, but don't judge me like you know me. Who made you god? I have never even had a conversation with you so for you to judge me is a bit strange but that's your view so sure keep it.

    Just as a recap as I know there will be a few who post different. I'm leaving because things are being made personal. Staff are inconsistent of to what the rules are. The best members have all left due to this.

    Now carry on with the talk about the game as I don't want any drama, thanks.

  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    No your acting like a child.

    You can't do this every time somebody enters into a debate' date='

    Not everybody is going to agree, hence forum = debate.[/quote']

    Are you kidding me?

    Get your facts right Ray, I'm allowed my stance on whatever I want. I don't expect people to TELL me what to think. I ain't a child I will think and say as like.

    Trust me I'm banned, I made sure of it now please no drama let the thread get back to the match. Thanks

  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Or maybe your just irritated because I don't fall foul to the intimidation you try to use around here?

    When I was referring to your grace it was with regards your proposed way of dealing with fans having a laugh at Arsenal's expense' date=' what do you think is gonna happen when you get tonked like you do today??

    in those situations you just have to suck it up same with every big side you know what's coming when you get thumped.

    You can have free speech so can I so if I want to air my opinion then that is my right, I suggest more people will agree with my opinion on the value of domestic cups than you, what you getting so upset about.

    Winning trophies is the pinnacle of most people's career who are lucky enough to win one/some a point you seem oblivious to.[/quote']

    Good for you Ray, your right in wrong whatever laters. Before I leave best of luck to Pool if Arsenal can't win it I want it to be you lot.


  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Taken defeat in your usual good grace :o

    Seriously every time Arsenal lose you start threatening somebody it is really childish..

    As for anything with you in the discussion about trophies it is all about Money with you' date=' the game is not about Money you don't play to win money, you play to win trophies....

    By the way hardly anybody agrees with you with regards your constant degrading of the domestic cups and shows disrespect to the likes of Swansea and Wigan who earnt there successes and beat big sides on the way to do so.

    So you saying that you are telling it the "way it is" is wrong because I would say the vast majority of football fans do care for those cups and that includes the top sides like City, Chelsea etc[/quote']

    Ray do me a favour. Read everything then come back. I am the ONLY one who congratulated Chelsea, thanks for not pointing that out though.

    As for my stance on cups. Have it your way they are great and the FA Cup will be the pinnacle of any players career. Fed up of being told what's right and wrong. You don't control me, what ever happened to free speech.

    But once again another dig post at me but don't worry I'm going to football forums. Take care.

  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Not a relevant factor in Arsenal's case is it.

    Wigan would have went down anyway due to far too many defensive injuries' date=' have been overachieving for years on end and because they have a tiny budget.[/quote']

    True but that wasn't what I was meaning. I was meaning any club can win the FA Cup, you don't have to be a world beater clearly.

  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    In which he was sent off if memory serves me right?

    Sent off in your clubs biggest game to date. Good job

    So what? Still a legend, Eto'o went too ground far too easily however sure beat him with whatever stick you want.

    Doesn't change the fact that he will be remembered as one of the best keepers to ever grace Arsenal and the BPL.

    Some of the best keepers of all time have all been known for their risk taking or cocky attitude, Kahn, Lehmann, Chilavert, Ceni, (The Colombian keeper I think with the scorpion kick), Neurer, Schmeichel.

    Are they all bad as well? Stats show that Szczesny is one of the best in the BPL, if you don't like it tough. Debate with OPTA not me.

  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Yeah the same applied to him too.

    Not a chance, one of the best the BPL has seen in recent years. Arsenal Legend! Can't be that bad if he took Kahn's place in the WC 06 and was part of the invincibles, also got us to a CL final with a last minute penalty save.

  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    This is your issue.

    You've broken down Wigan's FA Cup success into money and being the cause of them dropping out the PL.

    It's not trophies or league position. Likewise glory is not completely about money. This is Arsenals problem

    Hardly my issue is it? I don't have an issue with us winning the cup. It's you who has the issue with the status that the cup is regarded in. I am just saying it how it is, shall I lie and say things to please you?

  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    I'm assuming he didn't have a great game seeing as he let in six.

    That's more in line with his level of quality. He's not a world class keeper and for a team wanting to challenge for the title on a regular basis' date=' he's simply not good enough[/quote']

    He had a poor game, two goals he should of easily saved.

    However up until today he was joint top for clean sheets. Made some great saves over the season and I like his confidence/ cockiness. He has amazing mental strength for a keeper. However yes he had a bad game, but not worse than our defence. Per was useless but I think Arteta should of done a better job in commanding his team. Neither happened and we got spanked.

  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    At any top club he wouldn't have lasted half the time he has given his recent trophy record.

    People like you are the reason the FA Cup is viewed as pointless by some clubs. It's a fantastic competition and has huge historical ties that the majority of fans respect and cherish. What you say is incredibly arrogant and smacks of football snobbery. And given your clubs recent success record' date=' I don't really know where that's coming from.

    Don't patronise other 'smaller' clubs for winning trophies. Wigan earnt their cup win and fully deserved the success.[/quote']

    Yes people like me... Well done Wigan on winning a cup that not only gave them 1 million, minus the 59 million from dropping out the league but also the extra games in a 46 game season in the Championship. I guess it was great for them.

    Please don't make out as if it is me who sets the tone for the Cup. The FA cup is NOT what it once was, just because im saying the truth that you don't agree with doesn't make me any worse.

    As I said I would welcome the FA cup and be pleased for my club, however I won't go out and party for it. If It was the BPL it would be a completely different matter.

  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    To be fair... A trophy drought for a top club like Arsenal' date=' any trophy should be a welcome one. Plus, it would cancel out the "Arsenal havent won a trophy for so and so years" comments, pictures etc.[/quote']

    To be fair I had already explained that a few posts down but I ain't going to keep repeating myself.

  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    If the FA Cup is 'nothing'' date=' then what else is there for Arsenal this season? It's the only cup they have the squad ability to actually win.

    Wigan earnt that win. They beat Manchester City. Very disrespectful to claim them winning has degraded it.[/quote']

    There is nothing. The BPL is where we want to be at not the Capital One Cup or FA Cup or Emirates Cup it's 100% BPL.

    The others cups would be a welcomed bonus but it's not something to brag about.

  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    I will say it again.

    If Arsenal don't win the Fa Cup then Wenger should be shown the door.

    Luckily you aren't on our board. I ain't going over this again as it's been done to death.

    The FA Cup is nothing now days, only good thing will be to end or trophy drought and get the players morale up. Other than that it's a fairly poor cup, nothing to brag about. Specially when teams like Wigan have won it.

  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    That must be the reason why Ramires has the most EPL appearances for CFC this season? He's their rock in the midfield' date=' and Willian has also been really good this season, despite the criticism of playing him instead of Mata.

    Yes, Arsenal are missing some of their key players, but Chelsea are not playing their strongest XI either.[/quote']

    Sorry but Chelsea have Matic as well, very similar just that he doesn't attack much.

    We don't have Theo, the main man on our attack. Ramsey our key CAM so far this season (with Rosicky). Koss wasn't fit and it showed. It's all excuses though they won and we lost. Done.

  15. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    They're both very underrated.

    Be honest' date=' threatening to use the F word is pretty silly. You're very welcome to go into other clubs' threads. They are for discussion of those clubs (and issues surrounding them), not for their fans to have a big love in.[/quote']

    I said I would tell them to do one if they tried trolling. Only you have trolled. So yes that Big F can go to you... I am a "Bad ass" after all.

  16. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Chelsea are without players too (Ramires' date=' Willian).[/quote']

    Hardly their best players. Where as we are missing our top three players.

    Also don't try and wind us up with your stupid pics. I never go into any other clubs thread and wind anyone up so why do you? So much for being a staff member.

  17. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    So now you're coming to your senses about an overhaul' date=' When i said we needed at least 5 quality players in to have a little sniff of the title I was shot down.

    He's not sorry.[/quote']

    I don't believe that replacing players makes a good team. It certainly doesn't make good management. If we have Theo, Rambo, Wilshere and a fit Koss I do feel we would of been better equipped. Not that I am making excuses but missing all of our top players is always going to be hard. However 6-0 is just a P take.

  18. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Awful keeping regardless.

    Salah makes it 6.

    Yeah he has had a bad games, just as bad as our defenders, no worse no better.

    I am just waiting for the "Szczesny is good" sarcastic comments aimed at me. I can tell you now it will followed up with a swift F word

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