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  1. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Been doing career mode as of yesterday with the be a pro mode. Chose Wigan as my club and I play as a striker. Made him pretty tall so I have strength 6,2ft. Got loaned out after pre season to Brentford played 6 won 5 lost 1 though I wasn't used in that defeat. Can't play the game mode for long as it gets boring after a while but right now I'm a 73 rates striker in league one lol got 10 goals and 6 assists on pro. As for FUT still hanging in there with my BPL team but will sell them on Saturday for more coins. Yaya and Matic are amazing CDM's though they literally stop any opponent from getting to my defence. 14 matches with them and 14 wins, one coming from a penalty shoot out though. Will make a SPL and Championship team next with SIF McCormack, Gauld, Mackay Steven and Ings as my main players. Going to do a BSG team with them to lower the star rating so I don't come across all gold teams
  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Enough about this now, it's been dragged out (most probs my fault ) Arsenal vs United. Predictions?
  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Stuart I had this talk in your thread the other day. I don't think anyone here thinks you are a glory hunter. I can tell you are City through and through.
  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Because we are not City and Chelsea or United. Name me another club who has finished in a CL spot and won a cup during our drought period? None. Liverpool won cups but haven't been in the CL spots come end of season.
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I feel for a club going under a stadium move constant CL qualification is success. Them cups would of been nice if it had happened but it wasn't vital. For the millionth and one time. It's not about the FA Cup or Capital One cup, no Arsenal fan sees them cups as a must win. Yes it would be nice if we did win one but I would rather know that we are in CL next season and can attract better players rather than a low key second rate european league which won't attract anyone. If anything only make players want to leave.
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread It's most certainly what you say. You say the same thing fifty times even when we have answered.
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread If your not idolising City and Chelsea which you are. Then why keep going on about Arsenal not winning a BPL title? Let's cut the bull, get to the point. It's not about a cup as an FA Cup or Capital One cup wouldn't be enough. You clearly feel that clubs like City and Chelsea are doing the right thing and WE (Arsenal) are doing the wrong thing by not spending huge sums of money.
  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread As for Ozil he is the best no 10 in the world. Just because he hasn't been world class in his first 6 months in England doesn't take that away from him. Give the lad a chance it's a new league with no winter breaks, it will take him a while and as Arsenal fans all he asks is to be given time and full support. Something that we will do.
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I already answered about Spurs and said I was incorrect. As for Liverpool I was on about your huge debt that almost crippled your club. If I was on my laptop I would show you just how much you owed from loans to give transfer funds however I am sure you can find that yourself. You may not be in that situation now but 4 years back it was a completely different situation.
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Hahaha was expecting that lol I think he meant the scenario with one opposition being far more advanced but his tactics won the war.
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Was you dropped at birth? What part of stadium move don't you understand? Do you think we can compete with those clubs? What should we of done offered shirt buttons?
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Just spoke to a colleague at work and he made a good point. People will forever remember Winston Churchill. Why is that? Because against all odds he beat a far more superior force, it may of taken years and cost many life's but he did just that. I do believe that in two years time we will have the adequate strength in depth to say we can win a title. We have only just had these funds made available (last summer). In our first window we brought in Ozil! How amazing is that! And you know what's better? We earned Ozil! We didn't have sugar daddy to but him. Over time we will have more top players. I just hope Wenger is healthy enough to continue. He is a strong and brave man Wenger and a true legend of our sport. The fact that a few opposing fans who no offence but your clubs could learn a thing or two from us, have the cheek to give us stick is comical. You can slate me all you like, I am passionate about certain things and this is one of them.
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Fabregas was not world known at all. Not once did I ever come across Liverpool monitoring him at all. Even if they had we still developed him into a world class player. As for RVP your theory is that if he scores 15 goals in a very poor league he is going to become a world class striker? That's what your saying. You give no credit to Arsene or the staff for developing these talents. As for Vela he is playing in an over hyped league. The likes of Osasuna and Almeria are not on par with our mid table clubs. Suarez would never of been able to go to another prem club even if we offered 60 million. It was Madrid or no one. That simple. The board made this clear so not sure what you been reading but it ain't got substance. As for hardcore fans, you don't have to have a season ticket (I had one last year). You back your club all the way. You cheer them on when results aren't going your way. You stick by your team even though you have nothing to aim for. You watch as many games as you can and always offer full support. You have a general care for the clubs future not just short term. I can name more if need be. And the reason I say attack is because that's what majority of you lot do. You openly slate out club. And gang up together to make your points seem more justifiable. Even when we give answers you dis agree and repeat the same question. Pretty much the Wenger situation now proves my point. I would comment on Jack and Theo and Oxlade but you don't understand what development means so no point.
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Well you may of spent what you made. I may well be incorrect, I should of added Liverpool rather than yourselves. Happy?
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