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    Greeting :)

    Re: Greeting Thank you for the heads up lads. Can i ask a question? If I have bidden on a player in a foreign league with no manager. How long until I can hear feedback?
  2. JCAFC

    Greeting :)

    Hello Everyone I am new to the site and looking to find my way around here. I have played many of football manager games, and been on plenty of forums. I Currently just took over a Chelsea side in the English Championship 18957. I would love for people to help me out with advice, (not asking for money or players). I do NOT support Chelsea but decided to manage them as my favorite side was already taken. I won't be naming the team I support as of yet as many people put you in a category. And I wish to get along with all fans. Would love to hear some feedback. Thank you and have a good day.
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