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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Awkward bounce. Oxlade? Thought it was Theo, no wait Gibbs. Wait I'm doing a Marriner
  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Szczesny is better than this. Totally poor performance but he ain't just to blame. The defence has been abysmal.
  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread How can we be so poor? Honestly it hurts as a fan to watch my club play like this. It seems like they don't even care. Not sure whether we need an overhaul or just players back from injury. Either way it's bleak times for Gooners. Credit once again to our away support, they have been the only good thing today.
  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread LOL just seen two banners. The Special One The Useless One you can guess which one is for which manager.
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread No I don't remember that as I never said anything like that. Considering I've back City and Chelsea from day one I don't get how you got those words.
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Shambles complete shambles. I feel sorry for them away fans. No BPL title for sure now not that I thought we would do it anyway. Not a single player can wear that shirt and be proud, we are a joke of a top four team. Fed up with being spanked by the big boys. I don't mind defeat but at least try to do well, this is one big nightmare and I can't see us being motivated for the City game either. Useless.
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I look after Alan Smiths family for bank transactions. I will ask him about them comment and I will slate him for having RVP over Bergkamp.
  8. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Well Matt or lincvillan as he is known on here beat me. Not just beat me but scored a hat trick with.... Heskey!!! I kid you not. We have played over 100 games and I seriously don't think he has scored a hat trick with one player vs me in one game. He has Ronaldo and Ibra but nooooo it's Heskey who scores.... Three times. IF Koss made me a loss otherwise I made back my coins. Joey Barton FTW!
  9. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Got nothing. Rage sold my Arsenal IF team. Now have a team with Joey Barton. Red cards win games right?
  10. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Sweet doing that when I get in
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Just wondering who could and would replace Giroud if he left. Has to be realistic signings.
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I'll give them a go at some point. It's only fair Honestly. Ozil during his Madrid days or Silva? I think I'm biased but I think on form Ozil is best no.10 in the world. I bet I get a killing for saying this haha.
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Fair enough I guess I can't tell that from MOTD. I really need to start watching other teams but City just don't entertain me as much as teams like Liverpool. Not having a dig Stu, just saying where I can improve. Is he playing better than Nasri?
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread @Gav I never said he was rubbish. Please use what I actually say rather than make up your own things. Really does annoy me. I said he is a tool for doing what he did to Besler, I won't forget that. However I also said if Wenger thinks he is worth a go then I will put that incident to aside and see how he plays.
  15. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Think we had a very solid game. Never really looked like we would concede. Didn't create much but we showed that we can get a goal and shut up shop. Was never going to be a attacking game from our point as we haven't won on our last five attempts at WHL. We had a few errors but luckily our world class CB's played their hearts out.
  16. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Omg!!! Rosicky!!!!
  17. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Diego transfer card is now out!!! Been waiting two months for this can not wait to finally have a beast team! GK - Sirigu RB - Maicon CB - Thiago Silva CB - Ramos LB - Alba CDM - Khedira CDM - Gustavo RM - Hulk LM- Jese Rodriguez CAM - Diego ST - Costa Get in!!!!
  18. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Making me not want to play as it takes hours to buy a team.
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